Matte black panel

HI !
I want an matte black panel for my 301
Do you know manufacturer can do that for me ?
@odevices maybe you can create custom panel ?

Magpie Modular?

I’ve also hired Wes at Grayscale to make custom panels.

There’s always DIY too, is there a hackerspace near you? I am sure they would be delighted to show you their CNC machine or Laser Cutter for example!

Ok thanks you all

I’m not really equipped to do one-offs in a cost-effective manner, unfortunately. Providing the existing 3 panel flavors is already somewhat of a logistic obstacle. However, if you ever need the design data for the front panels, the files are downloadable from here:


Yes thank you Brian !

I am liking this sharing of the design files very much indeed! Thank you very much :smiley:

So if you made a black panel, what colour would you print the legend? @Mooko

@anon83620728 Orange !
Or maybe without legend

Orange!! Well, I never expected that… I know on screen colours are different from printed colours, but we can try, got an example of the kind of orange you are thinking of?

I really didn’t like the Eloquencer orange on black - very hard to read, but I will reconsider if you have an example that works well!

Without a legend could work, a matte black powder coated steel panel would look amazing I am going t try and imagine that for a bit :slight_smile:

p.s. autocorrect and my shit typing just made ‘annex ample’ out of an example - James Joyce would have been proud of me!

@odevices would you be willing to discuss your choices re. powder coating and silk screen printing? Were there any particular processes you used? Particular inks for the printing? Any top coat applied? Etc…


I had 5 minutes and thought I’d do some very bad photoshop mockups (sorry Brian!)


Yes black and orange !
808 style !

I keep thinking of the Lego Blacktron series from my fading youth…

Yellow plate with Black text or the other way around? :smiley:


You’re so young :smiley:

This was way past my time with lego - we were lucky if we got half bricks :joy:


Wow, people with faces, hands and seperate legs! :grinning:


I had this one. Blast from the past

Do you have a way of converting the dxf file you work from to a format that could be printed on Shapeways @odevices? They support DAE, OBJ, STL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV, WRL file formats. I tried converting the file using some online tools but they all failed.

I checked but the application I work in (CorelDraw) does not have an export to any of those formats. I don’t think a simple export/conversion is going to work because Shapeways is expecting 3D data while my files contain only 2D data. For example, you could open the DXF file in your favorite 3D CAD application and extrude the z-dimension to give the panel some thickness and then you can export to one of those 3D formats.

Ah good point. Thanks. I’m looping in a friend of mine who does all sorts of fabrication to see if he can produce / provide a path to producing black panels on demand for this. If he does, I’ll share it in this thread with others interested.