Max. 2000 steps

i just reached the maximum of 2000 steps in a preset and i wondered if this is something written in stone, or if this number could be by any chance higher?

In a way it is literally written in stone, since that is the maximum I can fit into ER-101/102 working memory. However, other users have gotten around this limitation by chaining snapshots.

hm, i don’t find information about chaining snapshots, is there a chapter in the manual you can point me to where this is explained?
and a related question: is it possible to see the complete duration of all patterns combined (whole track) and not only the one focused?

I’m referring to the HOLD mode. While in HOLD mode, load the next snapshot, focus the TRACK display (so you get a commit quantized to the track ending) and press COMMIT. (User Manual, The Modes, p13)

Focus press the TRACK display. The total number of clock pulses (nP) will show in the VOLTAGE display.

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brilliant, thank you!

i see digi (not sure?) when i focus press the track display…?

Oops. Looks like the info is getting overwritten by the help message (in this case it is indicating that you have the clock divider focused.

This is not going to make any sense but if you focus STEP and then focus TRACK while in this track configuration screen, you will be able to trick it into showing the track duration.

I’ll try to clean this up in the next release.


ok, thanks, your trick works!

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