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Max/MSP utility : CV file generator for ER-301

Added a Max For Live device to make pitch sequences from any MIDI clip ! I personally think it’s awesome. Still in developpement though

Here’s how to use :

  • drop the device anywhere in a MIDI track
  • record your notes in a Midi clip
  • Highlight the clip (click on it’s name)
  • hit “write highlighted clip”
  • save your file
  • load it in a varispeed player (no interpolation) nested in the V/oct of anything.

TO DO : generate a second associated file for gates.


I added the Gate functionality to the M4L Patch (see top post).

I think it’s really powerful and super easy to use if you own Ableton Live (Suite).
The device is suitable both for drums and V/Oct. Select if you want to generate CV+Gate, CV only or Gate only.
Then use a Sample Scanner to read the CV and Gate pairs of files in sync to the same Saw oscillator.

Need to make some serious tests to see if it’s reliable. @odevices do you think the technique of a very slow saw oscillator driving a sample scanner is accurate in terms of timing ? It seems to my ears that a sequence of supposedly regular gates are not that steady when read this way, but I may be wrong.
As a side question : will two varispeed players with the same settings remain in sync forever ?

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I haven’t checked out the new versions yet but it seems like the above would be the best choice as the file size is still quite small. I look forward to digging in after I get some gig prep out of the way. First gig using the ER-301 actually and it’s the heart of the patch. :nerd_face:

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That’s what I did. In the maxforlive device I arbitrarily fixed it to 1000 samples per beat.
I need to rewrite some of the cv part as it’s not efficient with large files.

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it seems that the use of a saw oscillator at a very slow speed (like 0.005 Hz) to drive a sample scanner is not accurate at all in terms of timing. Is it expected ?
On the other hand, using a varispeed player to obtain the same reading speed seems to be quite accurate.

Thanks for sharing these!
I just started trying out these patches and wanted to say what a great idea this is.
I still haven’t figured out exactly how to calculate the playback speed to match a specific bpm, but am enjoying it being close enough, and modulating the playback speed to shift the timing of the cv/gates.