Maximum playback time in stereo ER301

Does anyone know what the Maximum playback time in stereo is?

With the new card player I assume it’s indefinite!

Otherwise you’re limited to sample player memory, which is limited, but I haven’t worked out how limited in terms of time yet!

This is great news! Thanks

It depends on the sample rate of the WAV file but lets assume you are using 48kHz 16-bit stereo files:

When streaming from the card the maximum file size for FAT32 is 4GB which is a little bit more than 6 hours.

4 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 bytes / 2 bytes per sample / 2 channels / 48000 samples per sec / 3600 secs per hour = 6.2 hrs

When playing from RAM (480MB available for samples) then a little bit less than 22 minutes. Samples are stored in RAM using 32-bit floats.

480 * 1024 * 1024 bytes / 4 bytes per sample / 2 channels / 48000 samples per sec / 60 secs per minute = 21.8 mins


i may have found a weird bug in the 301’s handling of larger, longer samples. this is on FW 0.3.18 jasmine (48khz).

i have four mono files recorded at 44.1khz/16bit, each of which are about 79MB, each 14:56 long (just under 15 minutes per file). one sample is to be assigned to each output, using the regular Sample Player unit, and all four are supposed to play back simultaneously from start to finish; the 301 isn’t doing any other activity, no other units running.

when i try to load them into the Sample Pool, the first three files load, but then the fourth errors out with this message:

Failed to load: track 4.wav
Insufficient memory.

when i checked the sample pool, it says that there is somehow only 27MB free RAM (which is why it didn’t load that last file), and the 301 thinks each file is actually about 151MB in size, even though they’re each only 79MB!

i verified their recording params (mono, bitrate, samplerate) and file size: on a mac filesystem, they occupy a combined total of about 300MB; on the sdcard’s filesystem, about 315MB. that’s well under the 301’s 480MB memory limit.

i don’t think i can use a Card Player unit; i ran into stuttering issues with playing back 4 simultaneous large files with the default SDcard that came with my 301 when i bought it from O|D. granted, those files were larger/higher quality (but only 1/3 as long) than these small, longer files. all four are supposed to play back simultaneously, as the only task the 301 is doing – just 4 sample playback units. and since they were downsampled to 44.1khz in advance to make them fit into RAM, they need a regular Sample Player unit to handle on-the-fly conversion.

i have a live show coming up in a week, so i’d like to find out what’s going on with my ER301. have i run into a bug? or does the FAQ text need to be adjusted? i.e. if it’s really a hard-coded playback length limit, and not actually a file size limit.

What FAQ are you reading? According to the FAQ here:

your samples would be over the memory limit:

4 * 44100 * 4 * (14*60 + 56) = 603MB > 480MB

BTW, this is not how you verify how much RAM a sample will occupy. Samples are loaded as 32-bit floats.

This should definitely work. Do you have a reproducible test case that I could analyze?

that’s definitely different than the FAQ i found elsewhere. i hadn’t realized that samples get expanded that way; i’d figured that 79MB on disk only occupies about 79MB RAM. i’ll have to test out the Card Player unit and hope for the best.

re:testing the stuttering issues, it was repeatable for 5 simultaneous files at 5.5min long, (possibly stereo?), 48khz/32bit. possibly 24bit; i’d need to dig into that project archive, which i’d already shelved for the smaller mono downgraded versions. it will take me awhile, but i can upload the originals to dropbox and email you a download link if you’d like. it mostly started to pop up in the last couple minutes or so of playback, as if the sdcard finally couldn’t keep up with the simultaneous read requests.

Please tell me the location of this FAQ! I should fix it right away.

Yes that wouldn’t definitely help. In the meantime, I will also try testing with some files of similar characteristics.

Oops. Bad typo. I mean it would definitely help :blush:

Just reporting back here for those who find this thread later. The reported stuttering in the Card Player was a false alarm.


yup, while it did chug along and stutter with extremely high quality files earlier, that was resolved by reformatting the card to defragment it. subsequent tests showed it went back to normal. later stuttering turned out to be a DAW rendering glitch with the low quality version of the sample, not the fault of the card or 301.

Actually, this wasn’t verified since we haven’t started with a case of reproduced stuttering yet.

Oh. What does “extremely high quality” mean? If I can could get my hands on those files instead for testing I would appreciate it.

i tried later with some of my original 48khz/32bit files, and while i couldn’t reproduce the initial pre-defrag stuttering even when playing all 5 simultaneously last night, tonight it’s happening reliably at about 3min 40sec; the 3rd file through output 2 is when i first noticed it.

this time, i caught the message that popped up on the 301’s screen: buffering, and it flashed up several times, each exactly in sync with each stutter. it will take awhile, but i will upload the files for you; will message you when done.

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