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Mélange Automatique


Mélange Automatique is a unit inspired by the Make Noise Rxmx.
It’s a 6 channel scan mixer with:

  • channel selector
  • adjustable scan width - Radiate
  • independent level controls
  • overall level control, raising this will subtly lower the strike output and open the mix VCA
  • strike input.
    Channels 1/2 are panned hard left, 3/4 centered, 5/6 panned hard right.
    Inputs are input 1-4 and A1 and B1

Built in firmware v5.03
CPU around 26%

Have fun, I hope all of you are in good health.

Melange Automatique.unit (61.2 KB)


Oh very cool! I’ve always wanted to try out the RxMx!

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Saw your demo on insta and it seems amazing ! Thank you !

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great idea! the 301 really shines for this kind of creative dynamic signal routing!