Metro: A metronome custom unit

Hey all, thought others might find this useful. This is a plug and go custom unit that produces an audible metronome given a clock signal. By default it is listening for a clock on G4, but you can easily change this to any input, or the output of a global chain.


vol: a volume control
clock: choose your clock input
pitch1: the pitch of the click you hear on beats 2,3, and 4. By default, the lower pitch
pitch2: the pitch of the click you hear on beat 1. By default the higher pitch
tap: You can change your PPQN setting by adjusting the DIV parameter in the tap tempo unit inside the tap control

By default, this is set up for 24 PPQN (pulses per quarter note, which is a MIDI standard and fairly common in Eurorack).

If you clock is pulsing on:
Quarter notes, set to 1
Eighth notes, set to 2
Sixteenth notes, set to 4

Here’s a a quick video demo and quick setup instructions. (3.3 KB)


I was struggling with my own metronome unit and found this old thread that didn’t get enough love! So, I wanted to compare the units to see if we could do some cherry picking and produce a “community metronome”. I couldn’t get yours working though @Joe! It was somehow glitchy and weird :thinking: Not sure what seemed to be the problem. Are you still using it with the current firmware?

I wanted to share my unit as a work in progress and I have some questions regarding the clock units in the ER-301 for anyone who can answer. There is no information yet on the wiki about these units and I can’t figure out some of the controls. So this is my metronome unit: (32.4 KB)

Controls are:

  • div: this is supposed to be a master divider so you can use a very fast clock and still hear a human scale 4/4 beat for example
  • Bpm: this is the tempo control in absence of a clock input
  • rate: forgot what this does, but it needs to be there :smiley: it’s just custom unit routing I think…
  • sign: here you can make move the base count to different signatures like 3/4 or 5/4
  • input: connect to external clock if you have one

I’m using two little samples instead of producing the sound in the unit like Joe did.

My metronome does work in a constrained environment but it’s not rock solid. For starters I can’t get the master clock division to work. because the clock just stops if I increase the div control inside the BPM clock unit. @odevices any ideas on why that happens? Then, if I feed a very fast or slow clock to the metronome unit, all goes haywire, maybe for the same ‘sync’ reason.

The constant beat is just following every pulse which is easy to set up. It’s the base count that is causing me trouble because it requires dividing the clock. Right now I am using a tap tempo unit to divide the main clock because it’s the only technique that gave me acceptable results, but after that I need to sync it back again with the original clock, otherwise it starts to drift off. Seems like tap tempo is somehow ‘interpreting’ the clock speed in it its own way and can’t exactly follow every beat to produce a super steady clock.

A general question about the Sync control in the Bpm unit: how does it work exactly, and am I using it in an acceptable way? I somehow assumed I could use this to override the manual Bpm in this unit (which would suit my use case), but that doesn’t seem to always be the case. If I move in extreme Bpm values manually up or down, it alters the external clock that is ‘syncing’ the unit.

Maybe I am going about this all the wrong way, but I’m keen to learn how these units work. I’ll probably start over when I do :yum:

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Looks like I built this back in the 0.2 firmware. I haven’t used it in ages. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if something doesn’t work given that we’re coming up on 0.4!

Still seems like this might be pretty useful though. Like for example on the drumma! patch that @hyena built, to give you a sense of time before you start recording. I’ll check yours out when I get a little time (have a few things in the pipeline).

That’s exactly what I’m using it for actually! I was simultaneously making a very similar drum unit as @hyena’s but mine is sample based. He beat me to it though, but I still want to build my own unit and I need this metronome for it. The idea is to use it as a guide for drumming, and then quantize the beat to that same clock.

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can’t wait to see it!!!

Oh there is no great wizardry going on and no actual sound producing in the unit. It’s will be more of a sample beat maker, but I hope to make it into a rhythm workhorse for my compositions. When it’s done and I think it’s relevant I will definitely share it. There are still a couple of ingredients that I’m missing though.

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