Michigan synth works F8R or XVI?

Was thinking of eventually trying to get a michigan synth works F8R or an XVI fader box for the er301.

Im having a hard time deciding if i should get the 8 fader or the 16 fader version.

  • does anyone have any experieces or comments on using either of these ?

  • aside from the necessary er301 rev7 mod, Is it easy to set up the I2C without problems ?

  • Is 16 faders overkill for the er301 ?

  • does using these I2C faderbank devices tax the er301 cpu at all ?

  • Im surprised that the F8R is less than half the hp size of the XVI.
    So that must mean the faders are closer together on the F8R.

  • Can 2 F8R’s be chained together and connected to er301 via I2c ?


Have a faderbank and a sweet sixteen mk1.
I’d recommend to get the new mkII sweet sixteen from Tesseract.
The cv and optional gate ins are a BIG game changer, to me anyways.

To some of your questions…

  • i2c is not at all without problems. However we have good er301- specific documentation in this forum. Last but not least the community will walk behind you and keep you from falling…
  • in my personal opinion, even 32 channels on a corresponding Tesseract @M4ngu product wouldn’t be enough. Seriously. Not kidding. For I have reached the capacity of the sweet sixteen several times.
    And then there is an unsent sketch of a friendly mail to Mangu…
  • cpu tax depends on the destinations you introduce the i2c commands to, I think. Interesting question though. Maybe someone can say how much the protocol on its own is taxing the cpu in the er301?