Mid-Side unit

Not sure if this has been requested already but a mid-side unit would be great.

One implementation in terms of the UI is to have two parameters with a level control (just like a mixer) for mid & side. Then you can go into each parameter & add whatever processing you desire on the mid & side independently. The key thing is that the forward stereo-to-M/S and the reverse M/S-to-Stereo transforms are implicit in the unit I.e. the input & output of the unit is stereo & the forward & back M/S decoding is hidden from the user.


Already in the works. The same “technology” that enabled the custom unit will enable this, as well as per-band processing for the EQ3 unit and a crossfader unit.


Fantastic!!! :grin:

Per band processing?

Oh man - that system on a chip powering the 301… any idea if they’re releasing a faster one?

All these goodies!!


I think we’re going to need one before long. This thing is seriously becoming a power house!

I think its September this year if I can remember correctly.

It’s… Possible to upgrade the hardware?

Yes, thanks to Brian’s excellent forward thinking design!



Got curious – is this still in the works, I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:

This is another one of the things slated for v0.4.


Fantastic! thank you.

Another v0.4.x bump! I’m thinking mid-side processing has been possible all along using bipolar VCA and mixer units, but surely the new signal flow helps keep things more compact. Has anyone experimented with it or are we still expecting dedicated units?

Perhaps the dual band unit could have a mid-side version which accepts stereo, contains the mono mid band and mono side band, and mixes back to stereo? Or maybe ANY n-band unit could have mixing options for stereo distribution (I imagine one setting for total width, and then the bands are panned evenly across the width [either left-to-right or side-to-mid]).

my suspicion is it would have to be a coded unit. It’s easy to build an M/S encoder and decoder in a daw… as it’s basic building blocks of routing, pan and phase reversal. However, on the DAW, all these processes are properly delay compensated to get the proper results.

I don’t think there’s any delay compensation involved in the 301’s overall signal flow. @odevices?

Delay compensation is meant to be achieved via the uDelay unit. Scatter it around to your heart’s content!

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is there a list somewhere of what individual units introduce into a chain? Ooo… that might be a good nerd feature in a unit’s header menu or somewhere easy accessible.

No units introduce delay except the ones you would naturally expect to introduce delay, like the filter or delay units. Also, patching against the natural signal flow introduces one frame of delay (128 samples on regular latency firmware and 32 samples on low-latency firmware). Natural signal flow is bottom to top, left to right.



Hey! I would love to humbly and slightly bump the thread that has the opportunity of the mid/side equivalent of “2 bands” unit… that would be so great for a lot of interesting things, including (but not limited to) controlling stereo width!

If you do a search, a made a unit about 4 months ago.

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Of course, stupid me. We even chatted about it. Sorry.

lol! No worries!