Midi and gnss implementation on SweetSixteen

Firmware to send TeleType signals to er301 via SweetSixteen i2c.

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Herewith I would like to open a separate thread for the changed firmware of the SweetSixteen to send Midi i2c signals to the er301.
The code is in the Github and the version 0.3 as binary file. Please contact me if you have any bugs or wishes.


Hi Robert,
Is there any chance that this code will work with the F8R?

Oh… I think that will be difficult. I just saw that the codebase is the same, but the processor is different and the source code itself doesn’t seem to be open sorce. There I may give you unfortunately little hope…

Ok, thanks for looking!
Do you think if I buy a teensy and add the appropriate hardware to run i2c and usb, I could successfully flash your firmware and use it only as a MIDI to i2c converter for the er-301?
Sorry for the naive questions, I am a total novice

That’s a beautiful thought. In principle, I would say yes. That could be worth a try. But then it will be difficult to get the F8R onto the i2c bus.

I’m not sure if I’ve explained this correctly. What I mean is to use your firmware in a teensy with minimal added hardware, no sweet sixteen or f8r, to convert the MIDI from my sequencer to i2c for the ER-301. Do you think this could work without the faders and everything else, without modifying the firmware (which I cannot do)?
Thanks for your time.

That would be possible but you should add 2 resistors for the i2c pull-up and (which is needed for the ER-301 I think) and also one to pulldown the pin that is used to read the analog voltages, if you leave that pin floating (with nothing connected) the Teensy would be continuously sending random fader values to the ER-301. Hope it helps

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Thanks for your help M4ngu and Robert. I couldn’t find a Teensy 3 or LC at a reasonable price so I finally bought a 16n and am successfully using your firmware. Thank you very much ! However I seem to have damaged my ER-301 but I’ll talk about that in another topic :expressionless: