MIDI Import to CV-B

Hey Brian
I have 2 questions regarding MIDI import for you.

What is imported to the CV-B channel from a MIDI File? Is it velocity?

Would it be overly complicated to add a line to the midiimport.ini file so one can assign a midichannel to CV-B? (To import notes to CV-B just like you do it with the CV-A channel)

If that would be possible it would be awesome. I know you’re not very intrested in expanding the MIDI Import functionality but if you ever find the time to do it I think it could be useful for some people.

Thanks and have a nice evening(or whatever it is overthere now)

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I’d very much like to be able to do this. It would add a whole new layer of versatility.


@odevices What do you think about it?

Oops forgot about this thread. :bowing_man:

Yes, velocity.

It would require me to re-write the MIDI import because then I would need to walk through two MIDI tracks at the same time, so that I can line them up in time and see what note value is active on the other MIDI track when the primary MIDI track has a note-on event…is it really “a whole new layer of versatility”? :thinking:

Thanks for the answer Brian. I can’t speak for everybody but for me this would open up worlds and would make the preparation of a live set much faster and less laborious.
Let me explain why…
Since I have the ER-101/102 it became the centerpiece of my modular. Most of the Time I use it to control my DPO, Shapeshifter, Rings and the evenVCO. Each Soundsource gets its own Track.
I find it so great when one can use CV-A and CV-B of a Track to control a complex dual oscillator like the DPO. When one can control each OSC individually it becomes possible to do so many cool things. Like having a Bassline and sometimes just one of the two OSCs is shifted up an octave or making complex FM patterns with ever changing notes and carrier/modulator ratios and so on…
But since i’m quite slow in writing down the notation directly on the ER-101 i like to use the MIDI import function so i can prepare some raw ideas on a Computer and then import the MIDI to the ER-101/102 to edit it there further. So it would be reaaally handy for me to be able to import MIDI also to CV-B.
I can see that this request might be very specific and i’m not shure if it would be usefull to many other people aswell. But if you think that could be a cool feature and would make it happen i would be so happy.
You are probably anyway very busy now with the ER-301 I assume? …so no rush at all.
Let me know what you think