MIDI in to 301 via i2c question

Hi folks,
I asked over on the longer thread about the transit development, but since it’s a different topic I wanted to ask here. Can someone please clarify if it’s possible to interface with the 301 over MIDI using this adapter.

I use a Lemur on iPad to control many elements of my show (MIDI) and it would be great not to have to dedicate a lot of time, money, and space to creating another external controller for the 301 if I could simply create the interface for it in a tab in Lemur. Thanks for any thoughts!

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That adapter forwards MIDI messages over the I2C bus, but to work with the 301 you need something (such as Transit or the 16N Faderbank) that translates MIDI messages into the Teletype commands that the 301 understands.

If you’re moderately handy with the DIY it’s easy to breadboard a MIDI input circuit with a Teensy and interface it with the 301, which will work with the Transit firmware in its current state. That’s what I did when I was working on a MIDI-to-I2C prototype a few months back. It’s not the most robust setup, but it worked well enough for me.


Nice! I’m all good with DIY. Any chance you have a link to the schematic for the 5 pin DIN to the teensy? Did you just combine that with that schematic from the other thread with the 4.7K pull down resistors?

I don’t have a schematic handy. I think I used a circuit for Raspberry Pi as a reference, since like the Teensy it’s 3.3V. The schematic on this Instructable seems to match the component values on my breadboard. Use RX1 (pin 0) for the input. Drillionaire’s GitHub page shows the pin numbers and pullup resistor values for the I2C bus.

Here’s a crappy closeup of my shoddy breadboard: