Midi sequencing with eurorack

Hey fellow O|D users, I’m looking to get some feedback on options to sequence a couple of midi synths. My ideal solution would be to keep the flexibility of the modular sequencing options I already by using a CV to MIDI converter. I’ve done some research and it seems like the ADDAC 221/222 combo might work, but the pair is expensive (~$800 USD), so I started wondering what other options I might want to look at. The idea of a multi-purpose machine with midi sequencing (digitakt et al) appeals to me, but then I think I’d lose out on the sequencing power of my existing eurorack modules.

Anyone achieving similar goals care to comment on their setup and satisifaction level?

I’m sequencing with a Squarp Pyramid. It’s very flexible and you can use it as a CV to MIDI converter, even record CV as MIDI and play it back etc. but I haven’t played much with that. I used it with an expert sleepers FH-1 and currently with the Shuttle Control from Endorphines. Both work well, but I like the Shuttle Control better since it’s more straight forward to program and you can easily switch between presets. Now there is also the Hermod modular version of the Pyramid.

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So you want to sequence your other synths with midi from the eurorack? Or do you mean that you want to sequence it all using midi irrespective of whether it is a eurorack module or not?

I just want to sequence standalone midi synths with MIDI. I’ve got MIDI -> CV covered via endorphines shuttle control if I need to go the other way.

There are so many MIDI > CV solutions. Very few CV > MIDI solutions. My experiences with CV > MIDI have been less than satisfying, and I’ve yet to encounter anyone saying they’re extremely happy with their approach to the problem. Most folks seem to settle on using MIDI for sequencing and clock, and convert to CV when necessary, when integrating a complex hybrid studio.

But if you do find that the ADDAC modules work great for you, I’d love to hear more about that.

Have you looked at the Arturia Beatstep Pro? Not CV–>MIDI but it’s a pretty economical way to bridge the two worlds.

One reason I’m curious about CV > MIDI is the fact that there are some very creative CV sequencing solutions in the world that present functionality not typically present in MIDI sequencers. (Teletype, for example)

Yep, I’m kind of curious too for this reason, and will be interested if anyone has a good working solution.

When I’ve looked into it, I’ve kind of ended up in the same boat as @resynthesize - options seem limited, maybe kind of expensive for how often they might actually get used.

For now I’m using BSP which isn’t as sophisticated as something like Teletype or the ER101/2, but really pretty feature packed given the cost. If I need a sound from something non-Euro to be sequenced by something in Euro, that’s where the ER-301’s sample players come in. :wink:

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Yeah, the last time I seriously looked into this was before ER-301 came around.

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I have a Deluge and it is the main sequencer in my system. I can’t rave about it enough. And the developer has a similar vibe to @odevices in that he is very active and communicative with his users and is perpetually making firmware updates and tweaks in response to those conversations. It has MIDI in/out and well as CV out, throw it’s synth and sampling features on top and it’s hard to go wrong. Very deep. The new additions to the 2.0 firmware make saving “presets” for your external MIDI synths crazy simple and there’s a couple features being discussed in the beta tester group that if/when Rohan implements them are going to make running multiple pieces of hardware pretty dreamy.

As for CV > MIDI options, I’ve always been curious about the Disting’s functionality in that regard. Everyone talks about its MIDI > CV features, but from reading the manual it seems to go the other way too. I’ve been toying with getting two of them for a variety of reasons (cue someone telling me to be careful with the complexity of the UI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


The 1010 toolbox is able to sequence over midi and has 4 midi outs. It is able to record CV so you could use it in conjunction with another sequencer in your rack, but it would be pretty tedious getting set up.

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For those of you with an ornaments and crime the new hemisphere OS that is in beta, looks like it is getting a midi out applet.


Are you running it? If so what are your impressions? Been thinking about switching mine over.

No not yet, trying to focus on a liveset for the start of August but will be having a look after that, I think. Been reading on muffs etc and it seems to be getting enthusiastic support and the YouTube vids make it look great.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I’ve given some more thought to this topic and I think I’m going to try the CV to MIDI module route. External sequencers such as the deluge and pyramid look great, but I’m most excited by applying my existing repertoire of modular sequencing tools (including the ER-101 of course) and tricks to external midi sources. Rather than get the ADDAC 221 and 222 together, I’m going to get the 222 first and see how far that gets me. The o_C hemisphere firmware looks really promising too and I’m excited to try that when it’s ready. I’ve put up a few things for sale to offset the ADDAC 222 module and I’ll definitely update this thread once I have some experience with it.


did you get the 222? I’ve been considering the same solution myself…