Midi to I2C to ER-301 over 16n

Hey there I was searching on the other threads about using the 16n as sort of a bridge to play the 301 via midi but could not find anything on whether this is possible or not. I did see @anon17137829’s Transit module, but since developemnet for that one is on hold I wanted to check if anyone did get it to work over a 16n… Also since I’ve got one already…

Thank you very much everyone!

There’s this post from lines:

but I think @scanner_darkly updated it here:

I think that’s as far as it went, I haven’t played with it in a bit.

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Thanks so much man! Got it to work like that:) Already dreaming up a scenario of what crazy kind of things I could build by having the 301 and other midi gear working together whilst still being able to modulate stuff with the modular :blush:

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Will it do din midi to i2c? I read that it could but I only see midi out in the 16n.