Midi to I2C to ER-301 over 16n

Hey there I was searching on the other threads about using the 16n as sort of a bridge to play the 301 via midi but could not find anything on whether this is possible or not. I did see @anon17137829’s Transit module, but since developemnet for that one is on hold I wanted to check if anyone did get it to work over a 16n… Also since I’ve got one already…

Thank you very much everyone!

There’s this post from lines:

but I think @scanner_darkly updated it here:

I think that’s as far as it went, I haven’t played with it in a bit.

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Thanks so much man! Got it to work like that:) Already dreaming up a scenario of what crazy kind of things I could build by having the 301 and other midi gear working together whilst still being able to modulate stuff with the modular :blush:

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Will it do din midi to i2c? I read that it could but I only see midi out in the 16n.

I would love to get my er301 connected to Midi. I also have the 16n. tried to understand how it works.
Can you explain it how do you solve it and what was you setup?
Did you rewrite the Firmware?

Thanks a lot

Hey sorry I don’t check here very often. I was able to get it to work via the provided links in the past with a custom compiled firmware if I remember correctly. However, didn’t find time to fully integrate it in my setup at the time. Unfortunately the old setup would not work with the newer 16n Editor and since I use my 16n for midi control duties as well I went back to the original FW. I think there is a new solution which I didn’t check using the sweet 16. Didn’t check if that one is working tho

At this moment my firmware isnt for the 16n. It is for the SweetSixteen Port of the 16n. It isnt tested in all for a 16n. But i think it must easyly possible to port it back to the 16n.

Im working with the firmware on a 16n. and it work perfect!!!

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