MIDI to i2c with Disting EX

Potentially an interesting development in the works for anyone who wants a way to convert MIDI to i2c messages without any DIY?

I have not tried this yet and don’t really know anything about it. I will likely get around to it at some point. Just reposting here now for awareness if anyone is in a position to try out the beta build and provide feedback.


Disting EX 1.20 just released
" - Added a globally available MIDI to I2C function, currently targetted at controlling the ER-301. "


That looks promising ! It seems like this topic is in the general discussions, shouldn’t it be in the ER-301 category ?

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Good catch. Updated.


Has anyone had a chance to try it yet ?

I haven’t yet. I have an EX but need to rearrange some things to get it on the i2c bus. I’ll try to get to it soon.

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Quick update. I have started testing this. It’s not quite working correctly in the latest Disting EX release firmware. But Os is super responsive, as he always seems to be, and has already made a couple beta builds that are resolving the issues I’ve run across. So I imagine it will be working well soon.

Will post when I have more info.


Not sure it helps but I’ve been following the updates in this thread:



The latest beta build that Os supplied seems to resolve all the issues I found in my testing. He also added velocity feature for the Gates per Note mode which is super nice. The melodic mode doesn’t have any note priority implemented at the moment. I put that out as a feature suggestion. Maybe it will get added at some point. Still quite useable though.

I still want to test it a little more with a more complex setup involving multiple MIDI channels using different modes and such, but it seems really good at this point. A nice off the shelf solution for controlling the ER-301 via MIDI.

The nice thing about this MIDI to I2c feature is that it runs as a system level feature. So the EX can still run whatever other algorithm you want to use at the same time.


Hey Joe, I was sucessfully able to setup the EX with the Er-301, through the teletype. I’m using Ableton to send midi to the EX, and I can send trigs and CV but I’m not being able to get my head around sending notes. Any suggestion on what would be the best way to do it? Thanks

You’d just use the gates and CV you’re already generating. The EX can convert MIDI notes to i2c signals that can be handled by the SC.TR and SC.CV units when the mode is set to Monophonic.

So as an example, drop in a Sine OSC. Put an SC.CV unit in the subchain of the V/Oct. Set the Level offset to 0 and gain to 1, then go into that subchain and drop an SC.TR unit followed by an ADSR unit. That should let you play the sine OSC with the MIDI notes you’re sending.

Thanks, just made it work. I was overthinking it as it was really straightforward.
Also seems OS has implemented velocity, but couldn’t get to which CV channels those were being sent…any idea?

Just figure it out under Midi - I2C configs / Channel / Velocity

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