Midi to xml

Hi Guys,

Does anyone form you have this midi to xml script and can share it with me?
I need to wait a bit with buying ER-102.


nope ! i’m not sure somebody did one ?

I’m not sure what this is referring to either… :slight_smile:

I think i saw someone mention about this script on muff and assumed it came out from this forum

I remember brian told me “maybe one day”, but i don’t think this one have been done…

Apologies for the tardy reply. I think @kisielk started an ER-101 snapshot parser in Go but I’m pretty sure he got distracted by other things and moved on.

One day, when I have a free moment I would like to add MIDI import to the ER-101 Programmer application so that ER-101 owners have another way of getting sequences into their unit without having to splurge on the ER-102.

Maybe I should throw the project files (.NET) for the ER-101 Programmer up on github just in case someone else wants to take a shot?

Sounds like a good idea. I was thinking about this as script (python maybe?) that will convert midi to xml with exact way as the snapshots looks like. I`ll give it a shoot myself in free time.

I guess there is no big demand for this since almost everyone have er-102 :slight_smile:

Anyone has news on this? Considering the ER-102 difficult to get at this point, I was looking for a way to get midi files into er-101 without the expander…

I would also like to hear about this MIDI import option for the ER-101.

Was any progress made on this? If so , where do I find the files?

I always thought it would be a great idea for ANY sequencer developer to have an app (PC, MAC, or tablet) in which you could write sequences while away from the actual hardware to be later imported to the sequencer. Of course , if time permits. I understand Brian is a super busy guy and his hands are already full.

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Can anyone upload for me an example of a snapshot with some simple sequence on Track 1? I will try to do some research on this and eventually (I’m not a programmer) try to write this.