Might be a dumb question but what's with the aliasing oscillators?

I’ve searched this forum and the wiki and I can’t really find an answer to this. Why do we only have 1 non-aliasing waveform, the sine? I understand why digital oscillators start to alias as frequency goes up, but I also know that it’s rather easy to introduce bandlimiting and get perfectly usable audio-rate oscillators.

Have I missed some explanation somewhere? Also why do I have to hack my way into making square wave oscillators (using clocks, or deadband filters)?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It just hasn’t percolated to the top of the priority list yet.


thanks for the quick reply!

I’m aware of the Tracker, but do you have a place besides this forum where you share your plans / time frames about firmware updates? I ask because I have the feeling that opening up the source code before 1.0 might speed up some improvements, such as this aliasing thing.

Sorry. No publicized development schedule is available. :bowing_man:

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