Mimicking the OCTA / pedals / looping scenario

This post is for owners of the Octatrack, and of the 301.
My understanding is that the PICKUP machines enable you to use the machine as a looper.

I was curious how you would go about emulating this behavior in the ER-301? Is there a particular configuration that gets you close to what the Octa does, or are there glaring differences? If so, what are they? I realize there were some other threads about this (for example this one), but I wanted to get more information from users specifically to see what sorts of experiments people have done.

I’d assume you’d want to use the 301’s PEDAL LOOPER for this.


I don’t know anything about the octatrack but I love the er301 for live synced looping.

I use the feedback looper with a clock hitting reset for loop length/sync. Used it in this vid with my my drums for live looping.

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Somehow I was literally watching this exact video last night.
Had no idea you’d employed the 301 as such in it. Cool to know.

Yeah; I experimented with both the feedback looper and the pedal looper - I am not sure which I like better for the task to be honest, but I found the feedback looper a little more intuitive, as the pedal looper seems to be designed to be free-run and not sync’d to anything in particular, although I got it to kinda work. Going to read more about both approaches and check details again tonight.

W/ the feedback looper I set my feedback to ~80% which seems nice for a trailoff.
Do you have other thoughts or recs? Using it in this way is obviously so simple but it yields a lot of potential to have this little machine running in the background.

Give Sloop a try while you’re at it, internally it’s just a feedback looper with some advanced clock synchronization I coded up.


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ohh wow really cool! i missed this one, going to check it out now!