Mirror Module

i am trying to find out if a module like this:


is possible to build with the existing er301 modules.
this reflects the incoming signal at two controllable levels.
first i thought the folder unit can do this but after some testing i
a) don’t think the fold unit can do that and b) don’t think i understand the fold unit :anguished:

so, is this min/max mirroring possible right now?

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Yeah, should be possible with offsets, rectify, and mixing.

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The Fold unit multiplies the part of the signal above the threshold by the upper gain, and the part of the signal below the threshold by the lower gain.


thanks, can you explain that diagram a bit?

I think you can also do this with bump scanners and bipolar vcas, two channels one for positive and one for negative mixed at the output like in the diagram. More cpu that way though maybe

I was making an asymmetrical wavefolder :upside_down_face:


Well it sounds like the Fold unit works similarly to how I diagrammed. To wit:

  • Mult your signal into two offsets.
  • The first offset (negative) will control the “upper fold” threshold. This feeds into a “positive only” rectifier.
  • The second offset (positive) will control the “upper fold” threshold. This feeds into a “negative only” rectifier.
  • Inverse the polarity of your rectifier outputs and increase gain by 2x. Mix both with the original signal.

What about using a 2band? A band could be used for the upper and the lower with the needed rectifiers and such within each and automatically sum at the output.

They’ll both source from the input automatically and you could make custom controls to set the low and high ranges from the surface.


thanks @desolationjones for the explanation, all clear now!
and yes @NeilParfitt, a 2band is perfect for this, cheers!


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What about Joes Maths custom unit in Accents? It has logic and a dedicated min / max

ja i looked at them @mudlogger but the min/max in the (reaktor) module i want to recreate isn’t min/max, it seems to be some sort of wavefolder with adjustable “reflecting” levels. i should delete min/max from the title, it’s not accurate.

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Ah I understood now. No worries.