Mixer Channel Solo Button

Is there anyway to use a trigger for the solo button of a mixer channel?

I’m pretty new to the ER-301 (really loving it so far) so I apologize if this is an easy-to-answer question. I looked and could not find an answer

Hi. The short answer is no! Mute and solo functions at the top level of a mixer unit are finger exclusive. HOWEVER! This is the OD 301. Some people use a vca to replicate the mute option if that helps?


Hmmmm. I am trying to use the solo button so that I can cycle through the different parts of a song I have put together on different loops. I may try and see if there is work around I can do with one of the samplers or a vca

Counter unit and bum scanner might be useful for what you’re pretending
I did something similar with 4 drum loops and then using vca’s , bump scanner and counter I created a switch
The idea was inspired on the “ 4 poly “ video

Definitely some use for bump scanner. With preset voltages you could probably move between different vca’s?

EDIT: maybe look at the harmonic oscillator video by @NeilParfitt for ideas.

EDIT: on/off is straightforward for mute. But for solo you might need exclusive logic?

If you examine this custom quicksave I built (sorry it has not been updated since v0.4.11), you can see how I use bump scanners to have one fader input (SC.CV 16) toggle between several looper channels. This method could be used with VCAs instead of dub loopers to solo your selected channels.

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