Mixer Mono question

Here is a question about controls and routing:
I made a normal 4 input mixer a mono OUT. The mono chain of of each channel routes to the 4 input A1 / A4. this will be used to activate envelopes on each input, as in each channel I have inserted a VCA.
So far everything is normal.
Now I have placed all 4 mixers in a Custom FX container and I would like to know if there was a way to enable a control to disable the VCAs on the home of the custom unit. This way I would use the mixer in two ways:

  1. When I connect the envelopes on A1 / A4 the vca is enabled
  2. if instead there was a control to disable the VCAs I don’t need to go into all 4 channels and disable them.

Maybe there is another way to do it? Global Chains?
There is a way to bypass the VCAs without eliminating the chain inputs that are assigned to inputs A1 7 A 4.

THANK YOU for any help.

I’m not sure if I understand your question completely. So far, my understanding of what you have built is this:

You have created a four channel mixer where each channel goes through a VCA. This VCA does not have an offset, i.e. it does not let any sound through while no CV is applied to it. The VCA of each channel is controlled by an input (A1-A4, one for each channel), where you plan to patch in envelopes from the rest of your modular system. This four channel mixer is now in a container on which you want a control that enables or disables the VCAs, such that even if a control voltage >0V is present on the respective input, the VCA does not open.

Is this correct? If not, please try to elaborate what you’re trying to achieve. If that is what you want, it is certainly possible: Just create a Gate control in your container, set it to toggle and then insert another VCA into the modulation chain for your VCA in each channel (such that this new VCA controls the amplitude of the modulation signal from the input An for channel n). Go to the modulation chain of that VCA and select the Gate control you just created under the local sources. Now the Toggle controls whether any CV from the input goes through to the VCA and if the toggle is turned off, the VCA will not open.

Bonus: You can now also use gates on other inputs to turn the toggle on and off, adding even more modulation possibilities.

Thanks for the answer but I think what I want to do is not possible.

Even if I insert another VCA controlled by a GATE Toggle, I do not solve as this control will enable or disable the VCA, but if there is no envelope on A1 / A4 the vca remains closed. While, I would like instead if there was no modulation signal like envelope the VCA was disabled and therefore lets the signal pass, if the VCA is enabled it is articulated by the modulation signal present in the inputs.

The idea is very simple, I connect an envelope and the VCA is articulated from that, I do not connect an envelope, the VCA is disabled and lets any signal pass into the IN1 / IN4 inputs

I think I did it, thank you very much :slight_smile: