Mixing 6 ch in - 2 (stereo) out while recording

Trying to wrap my head around ext audio and mixers nesting so I can use the 301 as a mixer and recorder. What is the best process for setting up? I’ve watched mr Parfitt’s videos parts #1-2 a few times. Rather than sample players I’m trying to mix audio with limters and eq in a 6:2 mixing console style setup, monitoring while recording. I’m guessing to I could make a pair of the audio ins a stereo channel. Among other things I’m confused by how I can record 6 channels when all i have are 4 audio ins, correct?

How about something like this?


Don’t forget you can you also use the A B C D inputs for audio inputs.

you can record the inputs sources directly, but it’s pre-process… which could be good as solo/muting won’t affect the raw source audio.

However, at this time, you can only record 4 outputs… so, hmm… might be better to record pre-process so you have more control later on…

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ABCD inputs have the same resolution (both bit-depth and sample rate) as the IN1-4 inputs. The only difference is that the IN1-4 have an extra stage of anti-aliasing low pass filters.


Great suggestions… thanks for visualising! Now to try and set it up. Love what I’m hearing so far just been able to run it for a few hours.

Cool things: I managed to set up the above using a saved version of the first mixer thanks to the legendary Parfitt videos.

I turned everything off now but will need to check for how to load a mixer with plenty of devices inside and then init all of them. The first mixer which I saved for concurrent copies was EQ:d and limited for a bass drum so not perfect for any other sounds (plus the inputs meant the same input loads a second time before manually replaced).

The naming Mixer #1, Mixer #2… Mixer #2 is interesting. I’d imagine it useful for larger/longer mixes to go Mixer #1, Mixer #2, Mixer #3… Also looking for ways to add custom names or labels to these Mixers. Sorry if these were brought up before.

It took me a while to realise that the Mixers nested menu was available from the 2nd screen once positioned on gain. Thinking it might be useful for this to reveal itself from the first part of the unit containing the Mixer #1 name/label?

Thank you all. Sorry for being thick and tired lol.

You can rename mixers (and ANY unit) if you’re running the 0.1.6pre patch firmware! :slight_smile:

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Curious: how much processing, limiters etcetera do you use when recording on the ER-301?

I’d be interested in hearing of your experiences of using the ER-301 as a recorder. I’m not sure of what levels I’m recording at, when recordings get too hot or start clipping. Generally speaking how do you handle going outside the comfort zone of daw meters and signal chain management when it comes to recording more or less complete works on the ER-301. I do expect to do some additional production and editing on whatever gets recorded in Live, but I want to do as much as possible of the song structure and stuff from just recording on the modular.