Modulate filter freq?


I’m sure this is a silly question, but: How do you modulate the ladder filter frequency? f0 doesn’t seem to be available for me to modulate. Is the only way to modulate V/oct, which looks a bit different?

The V/oct parameter is currently the only way to modulate the frequency. Here is a diagram that shows the relationship between the V/oct and f0 parameters. In short, f0 sets the fundamental frequency that is exponentially scaled (in octaves) by the 1V/oct input. It is the same arrangement for the oscillators.

Another way to think of it is: modulating the V/oct parameter is exponential FM and modulating the f0 parameter would be linear TZFM. Linear TZFM is on the todo list.


Oooh the lighter grey on those screenshots is much better :wink:

Thanks for the explanation! Great to hear this is coming – I’m happy just hearing I’m not missing something obvious.