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Got my 301 recently, been dipping toes in the water, and having a blast. I’ve just loaded a bunch of drum samples onto my SD card, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to be able to use 1 sample player with different sounds. Think switching between a closed and open hi hat. If I had 1 audio file with all the different sounds, I could slice and modulate the slice select, but that would require a decent amount of work stitching together the sounds I’ve decided I want to use. Was looking around the forum and wiki for alternate methods and saw this in the roadmap:

many slice files for one audio file
many audio files for one slice file

Does that mean what I think it does in that I’ll be able to select files from the pool as slices at some point?

I am not sure whether that means that or not.

Is there a reason you are you trying to limit yourself to a single instance of a sampler? You know you can put a row of mixers in series on a chain and put a sample player inside each, right? You can build up a whole drum kit using single samples that way. Build it once, save the chain, and then you can just go in and swap samples in and out quickly if you want a different snare, or whatever.

Here’s an example where I’d like to use 1 unit of a sampler:

I sample my piano, 1 audio file per key. I load those 88 files into my pool, have a way to assign all of them to 1 sampler (in my mind that’s this future many audio files for one slice file feature), mapping the slices to 12tet, and then modulate it with a 1 v/oct signal from a sequencer. I have a monophonic piano instrument, woo!

If I’m understanding the current state properly, as of now I’d either need to stitch my 88 samples together by hand and then slice them in the 301, or have 88 sampler units?

This has already been done:

Multiple instances easy to run, use a sequential switch if you want note progression without killing the tail.

I don’t think there’s enough CPU for 88 sampler units. :slight_smile:

I think you have it summed up correctly though. If you haven’t yet sampled your piano, you can just sample it all in one go and skip the stitching together step. Just slice it in the ER-301.

The slices are currently stored with the sample (wav) file, I believe. I know there are quite a few items on the road map around making slices more transferable and easier to create.

Oh nice! I will check out the piano unit and those threads. I think I need to stop thinking of how to do traditional sampler-y things on the 301, my computer is already great at doing that.

It was quite a bit of work to slice the sample up in the first instance, but only have to d it once, so if you have your own piano you want to sample I say go for it. The one thing to note is that a file of that size does take up quite a bit of memory so I would recommend no more than 3 seconds per sample for the 88 samples in your file.

What do the cool kids do these days when it comes to having a bank of samples and quickly switching between them in a single instance of a sample player?
Where can I find this information?

In the Sample Pool, if you multi-select a bunch of samples and load them, you will be the given the option to load them all as one pre-sliced sample chain.


perfect - thanks!

Wait, what?!?! I didn’t know this bit of information. Thanks a bunch :grin::+1:

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