Modulation sliders – min/max visibility

I don’t know if this was mentioned before, but I think the visibility of the modulation slider values could be improved – at least for the min/max values. When I’m modulating a parameter with stepped voltages (like Joe’s Pingable Scaled Random unit) I can’t see any difference between hitting the lowest and highest modulation slider value.

I guess your modulation range is small compared to the total (bias) range of the parameter. What kind of solution were you imagining?

No the opposite. What I mean is when I’m modulating over the entire range of a slider, then hitting the lowest possible and the highest possible position of the “fader knob/head (?)” are looking the same to me, because there are horizontal visual elements already. Perhaps the moving “fader knob/head” could be a tiny bit wider or brighter – or if you don’t like that, then only when hitting the min/max positions?

I’m still not understanding…:bowing_man:. Can you take a screenshot or post a short video please?

Sorry, you didn’t understand me because I didn’t understand entirely what I dislike here myself. :wink:
I took a closer look again: What doesn’t seem ideal to me is that the modulation “slider head” completely disappears once it moves above the top or below the bottom of the “modulation slider”. The modulation itself has still an audible effect then, but the modulation slider is “empty”. When you have a continuous modulation like an LFO you see whether the “modulation slider” is crossing the limit at the top or at the bottom, but if you have jumping random modulation values it’s not that obvious.

Is that understandable? If not, I’ll try to shoot a video.

I think I understand now. Your modulation is outside the range of the bias slider. I’m not sure what to do about it at this point though. It’s a limitation that I’ve been delegating to my subconscious for a solution for awhile now. Let’s first see what v0.4 brings to the table before spending too much time on this.

Great, thanks. And yes, this is a minor thing, so let us (you :wink: ) focus on v0.4 now.