Mono and Stereo units coexisting within Stereo Containers

A major roadblock while making complex patches with the 301 has been for me wanting a mono signal chain up until the very end where a stereo panner is introduced.
Having a stereo everything drives the CPU much higher than it needs to be and ties my hands when it comes to adding new features.

It would be great to see an improvement in the way the linked channels work.
Being able to accept both signals at the same time would be great but I can see how it will be hard to do it elegantly.

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I think you can do this now.

Link two channels. Put your stereo panner in that channel. Patch it to your stereo output (or whatever’s next).

Put your mono signal chain on another channel chain or in a global chain.

Route your mono signal into both sides of the stereo chain input.

Hey Joe yes that would work, I am referring more to being able to do this within an encapsulated Custom Container on one channel.
So if I make a patch and I share it, the final user doesn’t have to do this routing. Just loads the presets and off he/she goes.

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In the meantime you could share your creation as a quick save, which includes all channel and global chains. I think Brian has mentioned some plans to improve unit packaging, but not sure what’s coming.

Anyway, not trying to vote down your feature request. Just offering some immediate options.

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An obvious way to do this would be to have mono subchains - i.e. create your stereo channels at the top level, then create a container unit that is a stereo top level, i.e. it has the pan, but everything contained/below is mono and have all your functionality in there.

I don’t know how this would impact on the code of course, easy to say, could be a complete pain to actually do!

new custom unit available here that may help: