Mono in - Stereo out?

Hi everyone!

I created a stereo chain (out 3 4) to insert several mixers, including some that are receiving mono audio inputs from the modular, for processing and mixing duties. The problem is that the output of the mixers that are receiving the mono audio channels is mono as well, which makes them hard-panned to one of the output channels. However, if I insert a mono sample on a sample player (or if I record the input to a buffer on a looper) the output turns into stereo and panning control is available, even if I choose a 1ch buffer.

So my question is if there is any other unit, or any other way, to receive mono inputs in real time and be able to pan them on a stereo chain?

I hope I have explained myself correctly!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m not in front of my ER-301, but can you set the 2 channels on a stereo chain to be the same mono source? Same goes for the Mixers?


Good idea! Yes you can :slight_smile:


And thanks, of course :slight_smile:

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was just working on this same thing last night.

is there some other way of having mono mixers inside stereo chains? is this a meaningful pursuit? am I imagining things or does 2 x mono, even with the same audio source, open up to phasing issues?

for certain bass and drum sounds I’d just “like” for a certain sounds’ mixers to be in mono, inside a stereo channel. perhaps mostly because it mimics the a daw setup I guess.

I did have the impression I was able to load one mixer in mono actually, inside a stereo track. but couldn’t find a way of doing the same for the mixer unit of another mono sound source.

AFAIK the same audio source cannot phase against itself inside the ER-301 unless you intentionally process one copy differently somewhere (e.g. a stereo delay unit). However, mono chains are in general less CPU-intensive so there is an efficiency argument.

I can split the mixer unit into mono mixer units and stereo mixer units if you like.

The behavior would be something like:

Mono mixer in a stereo chain, the single channel gets is added to both the left and right channels of the parent chain.
Stereo mixer in a mono chain, left and right channels are both added to the parent chain’s single channel.


this would be great!

wow this just seems brilliant

so this is what feature request magic mist feels like


It would be amazing if there was a way to have stereo mixers normalize L->R if there is only a mono signal inserted. Would that be possible?

why would that be different from just setting both l and r to the same input?

Not a huge difference, I was mainly meaning that it’d be wonderful and save a couple clicks if it could auto-detect a lack of signal on one side and auto normal. Mainly for people like me who have a chain of mixers as our main hub. I essentially use the right two rows of ins on the 301 as a final mixer.

But yeah… not that hard to just change it to double the inputs.

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yah i get it!