More quicksave slots needed?

Am I too greedy to kindly ask for more quicksave slots? I know, they have been updated from 8 to 24 Slots already, but when I think like studio related multislot patches and live related patches and so on and on, I could use more quick save slots. I could imagine the use of the S1 to S6 Buttons as a sort of “bank” function, with each bank containing 24 quicksaves. This would have the disadvantage that one more action would be in the way of loading a quicksave, for example in a live situation. What do you think?

I sure wouldn’t complain if more were added. :slight_smile:

In general, not sure how much I actually “need” them yet. At the moment, many of my patches do seem to include more than 1 top level chain, even if only one chain corresponds to one of the 4 available output sinks. IE - a lot of times a patch uses just 1 output sink and a global chain or two.

So in those cases it’s pretty convenient to save as a quicksave since that captures all of it.

It will be interesting to see how future revisions of the firmware might change that though.

I am referring to this, by the way - might reduce my need for quicksaves: