MotorMouth - Burst Generator

So, being presented with a little bit of a challenge (not really, this was child’s play hehe) I created a nice lightweight burst generator, given the CPU usage is 3% idle and a sample player uses a little bit, the total it uses is about 3% of the CPU so no reason to worry about including it in your patches :wink:

The speed parameter is the just the tempo setting inside the custom unit, there is no way to assign a local control to it as yet, but it’s not a problem to dig down a little and adjust to taste.

The local variable count is literally how long the VCA opens to let the gates through.

It is so simple it’s almost not even worth creating it as a custom unit, but here it is anyway, it works a treat!

burst-generator.lua (10.1 KB)


What does it generate bursts of? :slight_smile:

Ha - good point - short gates - also adjustable in the Tap Tempo unit!

So you would typically place this custom unit on your trig input of a sample player and map the source gate input into both that and the sync input on this unit.

Edit: It’s not fool proof, you will have to adjust the tempo and width to achieve what you want sometimes. I wouldn’t call this a particularly well developed idea, as I say it’s hardly worth creating a custom unit for it and you’re probably better off just patching it up to suit your requirements as and when needed. Still, it now exists as proof of concept. I’m also sure this kind of utility will become available as time goes on, if not as a core unit then as a super unit once the SDK is released.


Is it specific to any particular firmware version?
will it work with the newest v 0.4 of firmware?

being from 2017 i seriously doubt it will work without some adaptation.
you might want to explore it in 03.25 , take notes of how it is patched and then recreate it in 04.25 if something is missing.