Moving cursor to slice sample

hi… i know i must be doing something wrong and/or stupid… but i can’t get my cursor to move on the sample playback wave form when i want to SLICE SAMPLE…

i’ve assigned my sample in a player… hit SLICE SAMPLE and i see the waveform…

if i select “follow” it goes to the playhead and moves along as normal.

if i select “cursor” turning the encoder doesn’t move the cursor…

when i select “follow” a little triangle appears to the left of the follow coordinates on the small screen

when i select “cursor” the same little triangle appears next to the cursor coordinates…

but moving the encoder does not move these coordinates (or the cursor)

nor will the cursor move in “follow” mode… or if i hold “shift” while turning the encoder… or holding “focus”… (i.e.: i’ve tried every botton combination)…

for the life of me, i can’t get the cursor to move…

in fact, since i’ve had the 301, for many months, i’ve never been able to do this… which is why i’ve never sliced a sample… until trying again today.

i’m doing something wrong somewhere… any help would be appreciated… thanks!

This has happened on some firmwares as an error and I have noticed it once recently too… which version of the firmware are you on?

the very latest… alfalfa… i think it’s called… whatever the very latest is

Looks like a bug… :frowning:

Try replacing the Sample Player and try again, the problem goes away

a bug indeed… removing and replacing worked… thanks!

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Part of the confusion might be due to this UI dilemma that I’m having here. Should the button text reflect the current mode or what will happen when you press it? Currently the button reflects the mode that will activate when you press it, and, the current mode is represented by the small triangle in the sub-display (as you have obviously realized).

So given that the bug disappears when you delete the sample player and insert another, how did you get the first sample player? Was it loaded from an old quicksave?

For everyone’s reference, here is what we are talking about:
(ER-301/Variable Speed Player - O|D Wiki)

hi brian

no, my initial sample player was just put in manually. no loading or anything…

the problem went away by deleting and re-adding

as for your UI dilemma… personally i think it’s OK now… st least i’m used to it… and the little triangle st the bottom helps

one option could be to have BOTH words on the screen… CURSOR and FOLLOW… so you can switch between them that way… when you select one the text highlights/inverts, so you know it’s the current choice.

Could “Cursor” be put in the empty spot to the left of follow? The Active mode could be bold after you press the mode you want?

Cursor | Follow

Cursor | Follow

I was hoping to use that extra space for something more important…:thinking:


i had a feeling you’d say that :wink:

how about:

Taking out follow from the big screen so you have two empty spaces for future cool stuff…

In the small screen, right most button, placing start / stop as a single button toggle… even using the stardard transport symbols instead of text. Reset accomplished by maybe shift + stop or pressing the same button fairly quick twice.

Then… that leaves the left and centre spots on the small screen above hotkeys for cursor and follow. The cursor and head text could also be bolded depending on the mode so the user knows exactly what’s going on, as all the time locations and transport modes are consolidated to one screen, leaving the main screen for the current (and future) editing tools.


We’ve been properly baited with @odevices comment “something more important” and we even know we have to wait at least until the end of the month to gather a glimpse of it.

Ain’t nobody going to be happy about the firmware reaching maturity, well besides Brian. I wonder how many of us would buy his next module regardless of what it is so we could travel with the community during its development cycle?

I’m feeling this one much more! Those player (and recorder) transport controls are slated for revamp anyways. In fact, the transport controls are another concentration of UI stress. Those transport controls (in my humble opinion) don’t belong in the unit interface. They don’t help the programming of a patch and they can’t really be played. I’m imagining a unified transport control screen (in the admin) view that sends control messages to target players and recorders via the upcoming command bus.

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Haha. Well, it shouldn’t be that much of a mystery given all of the various sample slicing feature requests. I need (growable) UI real estate to hold the upcoming slicing functions that are known to be coming (auto slicing, grid slicing, setting loop points and so on) as well as the ones we don’t know about yet.


Maybe this could be accomplished with two styles of editors?

I always assumed this editor was an ‘offline’ editor… for prepping files for the sample player vs an ‘online’ editor for in the moment/set/performance based slicing.

This editor as we have it could be rolled in with an admin area sample editor, with full precision tweaky… and a revamped simple real-time ‘live use’ sample slicer unit would be super fun and doesn’t need transport at all.

it could be all realtime slicing of a sample file depending on some simple variables such as:
-assignable triggers for realtime setting of loop in / out to define the start and end of where the auto slicing would happen
-CV control for number of divisions of the loop area …auto-slice by 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/12/16/24/32 etc…
-slice playback direction forward or reverse

Could be fun for immediate results without any prep other than instant fiddles! :slight_smile: