Moving Slices and other things


I played yesterday the first time with an Teenage Engineering OP-1 and I was very impressed by the “Tape”-Section.
Today I i tried similar things with my ER-301 but not very successful.

Maybe I justed overlooked it, but is it possible to (in a single unit)

  1. Set Start / End point of a loop
  2. Set Loop-Length relative to the start Point
  3. Moving Start-or Stop position during playback (independent)
  4. Moving Start-or Stop position during playback (together)
  5. Reset Loop after reaching the End-Position

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If you are not recording then you should probably working with the Sample Player unit. First go over the documentation for this unit here:
(Warning: v0.3.xx firmware introduces features that are not documented here yet.)

You will find that controls do not match up exactly with the loop start/end/length controls that you are looking for. However, some experimentation should get a lot of similar effects as well as a whole bunch of others. Particularly, I recommend playing around with the shift parameter and as well adjusting how fast you repeatedly trigger the sample player (since a loop is just a bit of audio being played repeatedly).