Moving start and end points of a splice


I would like to find a way for moving the start and the end points of a splice during the play of a sample.
I storm my brain but not find solutions.

i don’t think its possible. slice points are data thats saved in a file after you edit them, hence slice points are not parameters intended to be manipulated in real time. you have the “start” parameter for that, even though there was some issues about it iirc…


Ok yes thank you. That what I was wonder…
It will cool to have this feature in future. I would like to make a sort of STS sampler player…
The possibility of moving start and end points is pretty cool.

try setting slices on a varispeed sample player and then modulate the “start” parameter.
i’m doing online classes all day long today so i cannot test it (hello from locked down italy)

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There’s no “start”. You have:

yah sorry i meant SHIFT

ok just sliced a spoken word, i confirm that using SHIFT after sliced (and of course using play extent: SLICE) the shift parameter works


Ok I can’t make it work here.

Which unit? Are you loading multiple samples as slices or have on long sample with slices?

Yes !! I try with a Vari Speed Player and it work (a half). The problem is the readinghead overflows on the slice next to it.

In the Custom unit that I prepare I have put an option to read the slice reversed. But the problem is that when I use the Slice Shift, the « reversed play » starts with the next slice and not stay only on the slice I want play.

The desired effect of moving the start and end points is for having :

  • control of the Start Position
  • control of the length.

varispeed sampler , only one sample. and yes as @Mad86 said it can cross slice borders.


Ok thank you @hyena & @a773 for your help :+1:t3:

So, for build my idea I need use 16 varispeed samplers :grinning:
The idea is to create a reading sampler, with the possibility of playing with (by cv):
-play sample
-change sample
I can build all the parameters but the difficulty is the Start and Length.
So for this option I need to use 16 varispeed samplers in mixers for having 16 slots of sample (because not chain sample) and set the selection of the sampler with a bump scanner.
It will cool to be able to modify the start and end point of the slice without crossing the next sample.
But when I think about it the better solution can to have a multi sampler with the possibility of loading many samples inside…

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Haven’t thought about how it would work using reverse, but if that wasn’t a constraint you could try to load all samples at once and insert significant silence after each sample. This way it will not bleed into the next sample? Reverse would be tricky because you’d have to shift past the silence. Just thinking out loud, haven’t tried this.

Edit: can’t you just set play duration to once? Or am I misunderstanding the use case?

Thank you for your interest.
It’s a good idea but the problem is for the reverse option. In fact the reverse will play in the space behind the samples.

I have finish the first version of this sampler.
But I am not convinced by the length and start option that I have programmed with a Vca and Adsr for the length and the Start by using the Shift of the sampler.
I will share it in an other topic :blush:

Could play in reverse when you move the end time to BEFORE the start time. That’s how the reflex live loop worked and it was a lot of fun.

Yes but I want to control the reverse with a pulse so I have make a control of the reverse with a -2 value to the speed of the playing.