Moving unit order - idea

Just had a thought -

What if you could hold the M key below a unit name, and while holding if, turn the encoder left or right to move the unit either before or after it’s current position (if there’s a bunch of units in a chain)


Yes this would be good. Also, I’d like to be able to ‘grab’ units and dump them into, say, a mixer unit chain.


Very into this

like that! (and – for consistency + for fulfilling my wishes first, it could be merged with a copy / cut & paste function :speak_no_evil:):

Added to the new tracker page on the wiki.


is there any solution to classify a unit ?
is it possible to drag and drop a unit to change its position in a chain ?

You can cut and paste selected units from the secondary menu, so that would accomplish the same thing. Does that help you? What do you mean with “classify a unit”?

Yes it helps me!
It’s almost the same.
If I want to organize my unit, it is because when I create a unit I am not sure of its order at this precise moment. The end goal is to logically organize the units of my physical devices (if my device is on my left side, then the unit should be on the left side of the chain), and to follow the order of numbers of my sweet sixteen which command my er-301.
So a drag and drop function could be useful (more visual, less copy / paste errors)
Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to be sure that such a function does not exist.