Multi sample loader

Where is the multi sample loader ?
Before we have access s1 s2 s3 when you choose a sample but now ?
I don’t find it…

I have been confused by this too. You would expect it to be there if you choose to select from card in a sample player. But it isn’t. If you choose select from pool, then choose load samples, it is. Is there a reason it’s not available in the former scenario, @odevices? Or is it just not coded to appear there yet?


Oh yes thank you sooooooo much !

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Well, there is a conundrum here because Select from Card assumes that you are loading one sample and assigning it to the unit. If you selected multiple samples, then it wouldn’t know which one to actually assign to the unit, so that part of the interaction is disabled in this case.

Of course, there is the ability to load multiple samples as one sample chain which re-uses the “load many samples” UI. So, obviously some UI tweaks need to be done to allow defining and loading sample chains when the task is to be loading just one sample.

I just came to use multi samples and was confused by this.

I have a Vari-speed Player and I have loaded multiple samples into the pool as a chain but they don’t appear to be going into the player. Triggering the gate does nothing and selecting Slice Buffer does nothing.

Am I missing a step. It seemed much simpler and logical when the multi option was available under Select from Card.

EDIT: Aha, I needed to then press enter in the pool to attach the chain.

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