Multiband resonator


I’m working on multiband resonator custom unit for ER-301.
I’m trying to do easy going controls for this, and I managed to do Sample playback for bands from one sample player on global chains. The problem is, that every time i load the preset, I have to make the global chain again, then assign it to the inputs of the bands.

Any ideas for making the preset work faster?

I think as of right now, Quick Saves are the only way to restore multiple channels and global chains all at once, as well as global chain assignments to the units in the channels. Quick Saves are transportable if you want to share them, though. Just zip up the Quick save folder.


FYI, this kind of thing will be a lot easier (to share) once the middle layer is opened up.


sounds really interesting! Do try the quicksave option, worked well for me in the past when sharing things.