Multiple oscs, same output?

so, probably stupid and i really haven’t sat down and put the time in on this beautiful box i need to yet, but i keep stumbling over something that should be simple. lol. did it once, don’t really remember HOW, or WHY it worked.

if i wanted to make 3 instances of say a Triangle Osc, set, them at different intervals to each other, and have them receive pitch CV from the same input, put them all on 01,i know how to do that.

but then it only plays one of them, not all three.

which step am i missing?

lol. and/or which tutorial vid should i watch?


encapsulate each of the osc in a mixer.

murrrr. i tried highlighting all three oscs, selected Add To Mixer, and still only one (i think the first?) plays.

Probably only the last one plays. Oscillator units do not pass any input through. So the second one is blocking the output of the first one.

Solution: Highlight them one by one and move each to its own mixer.

Mixer units pass signal coming from the left as well as signal coming up from their subchain.


AH. gotcha. that makes sense.

would i want a VCA for each Mixer?

such basicness. neeeeed to find the time to sit and PORE THROUGH THIS THING BOX OF SEXY TIME THING GOODNESS THINGS.

You can use the mixer’s faders to adjust levels in dB. You can also use VCA’s after the oscillators to adjust level.

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The level control on the Mixer is one of the rare controls in the ER-301 that doesn’t have a subchain available - probably because it is scaled in dB and would be hard to set the modulation from a linear source in a way that works well.

So if you just want to hand adjust the levels of each osc using the Mixer’s level fader (set and forget), no need to add VCAs.

However, if you want to modulate or control each oscillator’s level with external CV or some other unit or internal chain, that’s when you’d need to add a VCA.

EDIT: Keep in mind that many of the oscillator units in the ER-301 have built-in VCAs though (labeled level), so you may not really need to add another.

lol. still thinking in Separate Module Setup Mode. where for standars oscs one would go a triggered envelope into a VCA letting through the oscillator.

so instead of adding a VCA, send an envelope in and set the Level of the 301 osc?

You can do this. I’m assuming you want to use the same envelope for all 3 oscillators?

You can either copy the same ADSR envelope unit to each of the oscillators VCAs and send the same external gate to all of them.

Or create a custom unit, create a control for this unit. Assign a gate to it, within this control add your ADSR. go back to each of your osc VCAs and assign them to the Local control that you had just created. Remember to set your gain!

It’s very similar to a separate module setup mode.

no need for a custom unit. you can just put one ADSR in one of them and then when you move to the level of the second just select LOCALS and scroll to the adsr and select it. do the same for the third osc.


i wanted to add that the mixer system in the 301 is really a thing of beauty.
the fact that on each level (think: subchain) you can set a mixing system which is dynamic (think: you don’t have to establish the number of channels beforehand, you just add channels when you need them) and that automatically sets up a master bus AND a solo bus!!!
i use mixer channels for a lot of things. to mix control signals, to mix audio, sometimes even just to encapsulate a bunch of units and save the preset for later uses…


i belieeeeeve i get that. lol. most of it at least? off to try it out!


this is a bit off subject, but if i wanted to round robin/Shifty/switch step between different oscs each time a gate hit, is there a Joe’s Bespoke for that? orrrrr how would i do that?


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No specific bespoke units for that but have a look through the video on the Bump Scanner. It’s worth investing the time getting to know it for things like that (and more).'s_Tutorials_and_Patches


awesoooooooome. lol. will put that on the LIST.

when i add an ADSR i figured out how to aim it at the Level of an oscillator, but when i focus on the Input of the ADSR, it says, “Unit input only”. that’s not where i would tell it where to look for a gate to trigger it?

if i manually Fire it, then it works perfectly, like an envelope going into a VCA.


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durp. never mind. set the Chain Input, it looks for that.

AWESOME. thanks!

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so, since y’all helped me figure out the jiggly bits i was messing up, anotherrrrrr question.

now that i have a 3 osc sine patch set up the way i want it, is there a way to swap the Sine Oscs for Triangle without starting over? it’s not a huge deal to redo it (and good practice probably), but. curious.


There’s probably other ways to do it but I would use the bump scanner unit to morph between two different oscillators. There is a very useful video that joe has created on how to use it.

Edit: if you just want to swap them out. You can hover over the oscillator and hit replace on the sub screen and choose your other osc.

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lol. sounds like i REALLY need to spend time with the Bumpy Scantron.

i have an order i’m trying to tackle, as a Get My Head Around The UI PLAN - build some oscs, setup a few drum kits, work through the sampling and resamplings.

and i LOVE that it’s so easy to make a quicksave and just TRY stupid shizz, then revert when it all goes butts up, but i won’t be able to play around until after work tomorrow so…

if you replace an insert it keeps all routings? or the common ones at least?


yes, just head over the Sine Osc header, on the small screen click on Replace, find the Aliasing Tri Osc, load it up. it will do its best to maintain all modulations and parameter values and subchains unchanged (where possible).
save first, then try it.

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