Multiple 'reset to' steps per part

Hey Brian

I was wondering if it would be possible to have multiple ‘reset to’ steps per part.
In an example where one part would have lets say 2 reset to steps it would react like this:
The 1st incoming reset signal would reset the sequence to the 1st reset step, the 2nd reset signal would reset the sequence to the 2nd reset step, the 3rd reset signal would again reset to the 1st reset step and so on…
This would be a very convenient way to create sequences which are longer than one reset cycle.
Maybe there is another way to do something very similar to this and i just missed it since i’m still very new to this sequencer. If so, then sorry in advance. But if not this might be an intresting feature to add. What do you think?

Greetings Zwicky

Hey Zwicky,

Each part can be any combination of sequential steps even ones from other parts. It is possible re-use the same steps for each part and just have a different reset point (per part). So if I understand what you are trying to do correctly… You could just use the same start and end loops in 3 different parts…But have a different reset point for each. Sorry if I’m being redundant.
I actually like how it is now because I am sequencing the 102 with the 101. I like being able to predict that a part will do exactly what I want (unless i did some random transforms), and I don’t have to remember some reset count like you are describing.

Hey Kris

I’m not shure i totally understand what you mean but i don’t think that this would help.
The thing is that I’m sending a reset from my Machinedrum every 64 16th notes. So this also means that all sequences in all tracks will be reset and can’t be longer than a reset cycle unless i remove the reset signal.
I’m looking for a practical way to make sequences which are longer than that reset cycle.
The only way I can think of to do something like this is to sequence the parts of the ER102 with another sequencer. But this would be somehow complicated. I would rather prefer a simpler way without the need of another modufle.
Chaining parts would be another possibility but i dont know any simple way to do that.
And as i said this would also be achievable by adding multiple rest to steps per part.

But maybe I just have to think different about the workflow and such. I just thought i bring this idea up and ask for your thoughts.

At first it sounded like you were talking about parts and the ‘reset to’ function.
But now you are talking about the reset gate. These are two different things. I don’t send resets to my 101 so this is unknown territory for me. I just clock my 101 and each track sequence can be free-running and not limited to a reset gate.

I’m also looking for a way to sequence the 102 (perhaps with a 103 ? :wink:).
But for now I am playing with sequencing the 102 with track 4 on my 101 on a divided clock.

what you describe is pretty much what groups on the 102 are for, each group has a reset, loop start and stop point. just make your groups with the different reset points you speak of and sequence those.

edit: not groups…parts!

Intresting. I will try to play with groups and see where it will take me. Honestly i haven’t done anything yet with groups.
From reading the manual it seemed to me that groups are for selecting steps which can be put in a group and then those steps can be modulated and transform via CV inputs. I don’t see how that would help me but if groups can somehow chain parts together that could be a solution…

At the moment it seems to me that getting a Pamelas Workout would be the easiest solution since i could then easily prolongue the reset cycle. That would work… but $$$

i’m sorry i meant parts not groups.

So I have Pamelas New Workout since a while now and i’m quite happy with how everything works together now. No need for multiple reset to steps anymore.

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