Mute/solo whole chains/channels

it would be nice to have a mute and solo function for whole chains, channels.
by scrolling all the way to the right next to the insert a “solo/mute channel” dialog would be really cool!


I agree it would be super useful! What I’ve been doing to at least address a mute function is add an always open, end of chain VCA and press shift+zero on its gain to drop it to zero instantly.


Are we talking about something other than SHIFT + Channel button 1-4 to mute?


oh wow, thanks for that, i had no idea this is possible, ok, problem solved!


I missed that one too. Great tip!

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A nice way to silence voices is with filters and the ER-301 being what it is it should be great for this as you can have as many filters as you like - I haven’t actually tried it and I am a little out of the loop, but it should work!