My 301 freeze

Hi all
I have a problem
My configuration
Er-301rev7, monome teletype connect to the 301 with i2c, and bpc music txi connect to teletype with i2c
When I connect an external clock (come from a MI midipal midi out>midi in doepfer msy-2 and msy-2 clock out to teletype script gate in) the 301 freeze all the led of Ax to Dx light green
I must reboot my case

Your ER-301 freezes when you connect the MSY2 to your Teletype?

Yes !

I try to clock the teletype with an Mxmxmx temps utile and no problem
So the problem come from midipal and msy-2

Which revision of Teletype (or what color is the circuit board) and is your TXb plugged into power? Older Teletypes require TXb be powered, but newer (black PCB) Teletypes should probably not use power to TXb. Have you remembered to reverse SDA and SCL for your older ER-301 hardware? Is your ER-301 modified with the diode jumper?

Yes it’s a rev 7 with the diode jumper
I don’t have the txb
I just have a txi connect to the teletype

And before today I never have this problem…

Apologies, I misread TXi as TXb.

Is your TXi working?

Please verify that the cable connecting your ER-301 has SCL and SDA reversed compared with the TXi connection.

Why ?
No I connect scl on scl and sda on sda txi connect to teletype and 301 too

Yes, always connect like to like. However, ER-301 pin order is SCL, SDA, then GND. Teletype and TXi pin order is SDA, SCL, then GND. Have you accounted for this difference?

Yes I check the connection all it’s ok

So teletype and the ER-301 work fine together in one case until you connect an external device to teletype, while triggering it from a module of in the same case also works fine, right?

Could be some kind of “grounding issue” that messes up the 0V of the Doepfer PSU. Have you tried to connect the power supplies of the midipal and the MSY to the same power outlet as the modular case is powered from?

So all it’s the problem come from the power brick of the midipal !
Thank you !