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My 301 is dead! Need help please


It’s a bit blurry!

Don’t panic too much, the SOM boards are relatively inexpensive!

I would speak to @odevices about this, I am sure he will look after you :slight_smile:


HAve all this in the same row at first power up. Everything goes perfect just the er-301 did freak out and it seems something is burning. This is so strange. Haven’t got a multimeter at the moment.


I can imagine how frustrated you must feel, but it will be sortable!

Not sure if you just don’t have one to hand, or otherwise, but I would highly recommend getting a multimeter, I always have one on hand, wigglers best friend imho - I’d probably even say essential!


I normally got one but haven’t right now. This is crazy, look the component that burned

No inverted power since it is impossible with my buses and the er.301. Power from the 5V bud selected. More modules in the same bus. Like ornament and noise engineering stuff and all working smooth


What could happen ??? Had the 301 for some long time by now😰


My 301 died when I was powering it Via bus as I was trying to lower my -12 power consumption, but As it says in the manual there is a danger to this. For time’s sake (running a meter over the module / returning the module for a service) I bought an olimex board as a backup which came within 2 days. I’d obviously shorted it as I replaced it and it brought it back to life. €60 but was a huge relief!


Did you try switching the rear switch from Bus to Reg? Perhaps the 5v rail of the case is shot?


Thanks for the info. I will need to get a new olimex.
Will it burn again placed in the same place/row?


Hi Neil. I got noise engineering on 5V switched aswell in the same bus board.
This was something freaky

Burned component.
Got some other pic showing the 2 rows where 301 was fallen.jejeje

What could happened? I think it’s the part from the external 5v that got burned. But not sure what happened.


Good morning!

From a quick read through the thread:

  • You will definitely need a new CPU board, you might as well go ahead and order it now.
  • Seeing that smoking IC is a clear indication that the 5V rail is not receiving 5V. Most likely you have a short in your case or in one of your modules. Do not turn the case on until you have confirmed that there are no shorts between the power rails and each rail is providing the necessary voltage.
  • Resist the temptation to make assumptions while debugging or reporting a problem :wink:
  • Thank you @kel and everyone for helping out while I was snoring away.


Good morning Brian.
I will order a new olimex as soon as possible.
I got in the same row more modules getting 5V from the rail.
I just don’t understand why it burned and not the others on the same bus.
Does this mean that on the output used on the bus board to the 301 the 5V pin is not outputting the same voltage than the other outputs on the same bus?
Thank u Brian and all the users.


That seems unlikely to me. However, I wouldn’t just assume that your other modules are going to be OK. The ER-301 can be damaged by over-voltages on the 5V rail which is why the REG position on the 5V source is recommended unless you know what you are doing.

Get a multimeter and check your case as soon as you can.


Yes I will need to check the new case once I get back my multimeter.

Thanks everybody for helping me out.
Lesson learnd🍻


Let me know how it goes! Especially what you find with the multimeter.


Yes Brian, I let u know once I check , tomorrow I will be ordering 2 olimex and looking forward for the problem/solution.
For me it’s time to go to sleep for now, it’s a bit late over here.

Have a great day people. Gracias.


It’s working perfectly with the new Olimex.
Running in regular mode now.
Gracias amigos.