My cat push down the scope screen

Hi! My fucking and beloved cat push down the scope screen with his paw (see the photo) i’m wondering If this has a easy fix If i remove the panel… the module works ok and I’m a total noobie doing this kind of things, somebody who already deal with this problem?

Thanks and greetings from Spain.


You can definitely take it apart and realign the screen. I recently did that when swapping panels. You have to take off the big knob and unscrew all the jacks in order to get the front panel off. The big knob has a very tiny screw you have to untighten (using a 1.5mm hex screw driver tip), then it comes off easily. For the jacks, you need a 8mm socket wrench. I think there’s also a nut under the big knob that needs a 12mm socket wrench.

Once you have these off, you can take off the front panel and put the screen back in correctly. It takes a bit of dexterity to align everything right and then screw it back together without missaligning it again, but I managed to get it done in a few minutes.

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Thanks! I will try it when i have the correct screws…

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