My ER-301 won't start anymore, help!

That’s not proof that your power is fully functional, for example; what if none of the other modules use +5v and it’s your +5v that’s not working?

Not being mean, just trying to help you logically work through the things that could be wrong :slight_smile:

It really is worth taking this opportunity to learn how to logically work through and eliminate possible causes of error beyond doubt because in all probability it won’t be the last time that you will end up going through this process with something or other.

I understand, but I don’t have a multimeter with me right now. I followed the USB cable advice and tested, it doesn’t run when connected to my computer either, only a the red PWR back led turns on, followed by a green led that shortly after turns off does this mean something ?

Don’t know what the lights mean sorry, I am sure Brian will have some info in that regard.

OK, so moving forward looks like your power is probably fine, make sure the switch is set to REG and you should be fine putting it back in the original Mantis case.

Next thing is to make sure the card is formatted and has the right settings and files.

Which software did you use to format and set up your card?

switch to reg, no power. I used windows xp on a virtual machine. fresh 16GB card. uncompressed the latest 96Khz firmware and marked partition as active with DISKPART

FAT32 formatted?

Kind getting to the end of what’s possible to try and help you with through here, so I guess move on to making a decision to buy new SOM module or send back to Brian.

Sorry dude, must be really frustrating :frowning:

Hope you get it fixed soon!!

Good morning, everyone!

Wow. :astonished: This is really wonderful how everyone is chipping to help out. I’m really impressed by the quality of the suggestions and with @cfunk’s debugging efforts. I think it is clear that power is not the issue and it is time to either move on to trying a new SOM or sending the unit back to me.

Also, if you like @cfunk you can try taking high-res photos of the rear (especially the SOM) and sending them to me to see if there is anything obviously broken. There was one case where one of the inductors on the SOM was damaged during shipping causing the ER-301 not to be able to boot up:

(Can you see it?)

FYI, the red light on the back means that the SOM is getting 5V power. The green light is connected directly to the signal outputs of the encoder so that it will flash on and off as you turn the knob (i.e. a visual encoder test).

Is this enough light ?

I went ahead and purchased a SOM, but it’s weird because when I check out, it says order accepted by credit card but they have actually never asked for my credit card. The order is successful and sent to my email, do you know why ?

It’s a bit out of focus but from what I can tell the inductors at least look OK. I’m sure this is a silly question but the lack of an SD card in the rear slot was just during this photo, right?

Re: Olimex. I’m not sure what happened there. Probably better to ask them? Those devices are definitely not free. :grin: Oh and please keep track of the receipt.

Yeah of course I just removed the card just before taking the pics … there is not much light on my room so it’s hard to take a good detailed pic right now .

Their website works perfectly, I don’t see any problem there. It’s just that it doesn’t ask for my card. Do they first take the order and charge you later or what ?

Well according the how-to-order page

you should have been redirected to a “Credit Card Payment Gateway” site. Perhaps you inadvertently selected the Bank T/T payment option?

Wait a minute. For some reason I thought you were in Europe. If you are in the USA it might be easier for me to just send you a replacement SOM? Would you prefer that?

Hi ! No, I am pretty sure I selected credit card, and I did twice the same procedure to make sure. I think it may be they don’t ship to the USA. I would greatly appreciate if you can send me a replacement one ! Yes I am in New York actually … how do we do this ?

I’ll send it out today. Is the shipping address that I used for your ER-301 still valid?

If not, please pm or email the new one.

Ok PM’ing you

Ok guys just for the record Brian is sending me another SOM processor as a replacement. Will post once I swap it for the theoretically dead one. Cheers !


Alright guys Brian sent me a new processor and it arrived in just three days. I’ll replace it now and see what’s up !

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Aight guys, the processor was fried. Thank you to all of you for the support and specially for Brian to send a new processor so fast ! Changing the processor is a breeze …


Hrmm … so I wonder what fried it?

Faulty something in the board?

Power surge?


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I hope Brian might have an idea what kind of situation would cause this

I wonder what the boards tolerance is, if for example it was getting less than 5v for an extended period time.