My files disappeared

I don’t know why but all files (quicksave sample custom unit) on my sd card disappeared and yesterday the 301 won’t save an quicksave…

May I please have more details such as firmware version and what you did up until this happened?

Yes of course !
Run on 0.3.17
I put some new custom unit in the custom unit folder with my computer then put the sdcard in the 301 power on my rack
Then I create sample player and want to put a sample but the 301 can’t find my sample folder…
So I put the sd card on my computer and I see the custom unit, sample, quick save and firmware folders disappeared.I lost all my project… :disappointed_relieved:
And There is a new empty folder named libs
I’ve never create this folder…

When you were on your computer, are you sure you didn’t delete the folder called ER-301/v0.3?

Also, it sounds like you are saying that there is nothing in the ER-301 folder except a single folder called libs. Is this correct?

Yes maybe I delete the v0. 3 folder…
I see that and tell you…

But this folder contains all of your presets and quicksaves that you created with v0.3! :dizzy_face:

Ok I understand…
But why the sample firmeware and custom unit folders disappeared
So it’s my fault :disappointed_relieved:
Thank you for reply Brian !
Maybe I have this folder (v0. 3)on my computer
If I put it on the sd card it’s ok ?

The ER-301 does not delete folders. It only creates certain required system folders if they do not exist. For example if you remove the ER-301 folder then it will create a new one. All of the required system folders are created inside the ER-301 folder.

I believe so. I don’t have a clear idea of what you did to the folder structure on the card so I can’t answer with confidence…

All is ok thank you sooooooo much @odevices