My first post, silly question I know! About the Envelope Follower

So I just did my first “patch” with my ER-301, using the SD card player, I put a bunch of fx and modulations here and there, all good! But I want to have an envelope follower sometimes here and there and I want it to be following the sample that is being read, clean of fx, not an input or output. How to do it? It seems like the Env Fol only read “ins” and “outs”.

Your question is less about the envelope follower and more about signal flow. What firmware are you using? The signal routing in v0.4 opens up some easier options. Regardless, you should watch @NeilParfitt’s YouTube series for a primer on signal flow. He has an intro video for both firmwares.

Here’s an actual answer to your question though: place the Sample Playback unit alone in a global chain. Now the dry playback will be universally available as a source for chains.

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I was experimenting with this also last week. This thread might also be helpful to you: