N00b problems

Got my 301 yesterday and I got the basic use flow pretty quickly.

There is one thing which I cannot quite comprehend. I have watched those Neil’s getting started videos and there you can open “the playhead view” (where you can see your recorded input) in looper devices. For the love of synthesis, I cannot get a similar view open anywhere. I guess the software UI has changed a bit from those days, but I guess the whole workflow cannot have been changed.

I’m sure I’m missing something really basic here.

Otherwise it looks like a killer and delivery from Japan was only a few days with a custom and all! The packaging was ace!


Congratulations and welcome!

There was a recent UI change because that scope opened a little too eagerly before I believe. Right now you can open this window when pushing Enter, if the parameter is already focused (right?). I’m not entirely sure because I’m not in front of the unit now, but It’s something along those lines. In any case, it’s an improvement, and you get it in your fingers very quickly (that’s the reason why my brain can’t accurately reproduce the action right now).

Be prepared to change those habits once in a while by the way, this is a module in VERY active development :wink: The good thing is, you get to help deciding about those changes with the other users if you want to.


Holy **** yes, that did it, thanks!

Gotta say that otherwise the UI is pretty intuitive, but for that I had no clue how to get it open. I kept on pressing the “Main button” for the device which provided only the menu for me. Perhaps a setting could be there, like a tick in a box where you could set the playhead visible and Enter being a shortcut for it.

I must have tried all the double presses, shift + other keys - but for once I didn’t stumble to the right solution…

Thanks a lot for a really quick reply, now I can sail ahead!


i enter this thread just to say that yesterday my 301 landed here too :slight_smile: i was about to open a similar thread (general n00byness thread) because i couldn’t figure out why i got the “unit input only” message on some inputs, then i figured out that if i wanted to trigger an adsr nested inside a nested chain i had to fire the whole chain with my gate :slight_smile:
well, i played a couple of hours last evening and managed to get to work with some loopers, build a simple pm sine voice with effects, perfectly responding to v\oct and gates…without the need to open wiki, forum, tutorials… i have to say this is the most intuitive UI for a complex device that i have ever seen!!!
@odevices i can’t express how this thing is crazily beautiful, thanks for all your efforts!
by the way the phase mod sine is sounding so good i’m starting to feel guilty for having 2 hertz donuts in my rig! :smiley:


It’s still on my listed to do an updated V.0.3.x overview! Just waiting for work to calm down… a few more weeks and I’ll be all over it! :blush:


Yes, it could be good.

But otherwise, the UI is really good for a complex device, that much is true! It was one of the reasons why I got the 301 - I hate navigation on eurorack devices, but 301 UI looked so good for a complex device so I took the plunge!

yes, i think that the concept of “menù diving” is inappropriate regarding this module. it is really inviting you to open every connection up, insert modulations where you need them, setting the right amount of it, offsetting, taking care of the signal flow… it is like the opposite of the octatrack (which i have and like and don’t find that hostile) where you have to really learn where everything is before being able to use its full potential. here is more like you have the map almost always in front of you.

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That’s exactly why I didn’t get an Octatrack. In some point I was really about to - but felt that it needs to be treated like a religion to get the most out of. You need to convert fully to understand it.

I got a Deluge instead and that is one marvel of a UI design. Really really well thought out, one of the most intuitive instruments I have used.

ah yes! watched some demos, it seems really easy and powerful! yes, octatrack has its lows but can be really gratifiyng. now with trig conditions it’s great for generative or quasi-generative music, and also for extending patterns beyond the cage of 64 steps. i’d like to have a cv-gate sequencer with all those features, even without sampling.


This!! An Analog Four without the synth part, just the sequencer with four tracks of Gate and 2*CV would be an instabuy - always liked the A4 sequencer and arpeggiator, but it’s a lot of real estate for one sequencer track :wink:

How about a Deluge then? :slight_smile: It’s amazing as a sequencer, even before diving to synth and sampling.

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Sure looks great, but I really don’t want the synth part, I hope that doesn’t sound churlish, I don’t mean it like that, I really do mean to say that I think the A4 got the Gate/CV sequencing thing absolutely perfect - the setup options are extremely well thought out and there’s something about the whole interface, one row of buttons especially, the ‘automation’ style recording, everything, just works for me :slight_smile:

Have Rytm, MD and A4 too and yes, the sequencing is great. But after Deluge, there wasn’t going back! Note editing is top notch when you can edit it right as you’d do in a daw. Or separate drum tracks as their own rows - all at the same time.

Ok - this thread went to Deluge salesman route, sorry! :smiley:

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I have one too. It pairs really well with the 301, the random arpeggiator is a very nice combo.

Just occurred to me that a MIDI-to-CV module would give it even more Gate & CV outs. Then you could have CC send CV which means automating it via the gold knobs.

I’m not using Deluges own cv outputs, but a Vermona qmi2 and Beatstep pro via midi.

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Back to the original question, another noobie here, is there no equivalent view of the waveform for Manual Grains? When I hit ‘Enter’ on a parameter it opens up a view that shows a waveform of the output, but not a view of the buffer like in the loopers.

I don’t think so. My guess is it’s because the sounds created can be the result of many simultaneous pieces of audio (which can vary in length) and panning parameters.

Get this:

And unleash all 8 midi tracks of the octatrack (or your daw, or any other midi enabled device.)


nice one! but big!!! maybe a cv.ocd might suffice for me :slight_smile: right now when i want to use the octa as sequencer i use the beatstep pro as midi-cv, less channels but not that bad :slight_smile: