Is there a command to make a jump of 10 in the navigation of the digital menu? For example, to turn the knob nine times to arrive from 0 to 90. In case this does not exist do you think this command would be useful? Like, press and hold a focus button and turning the digit knob would make it happen faster to a high number.

PS: Sorry for my approximate english language… Hope i make myself clear. :slight_smile:

No such fine/coarse function exists for the 0-99 parameters at the moment. Mostly because after using those knobs for awhile (which turn very easily and smoothly), you can easily move from 0 to 40 with one hand motion.

However, I am amenable to idea of adding a coarse mode to those parameters. I’ll have to think about it. For example, the “press and hold a focus button” would mostly work except it interferes with the note repeat enable/disable command. Also, I am worried that moving by increments of 10 wouldn’t really make musical sense. Therefore, the ER-101 should examine the current voltage table and find the next scale degree that is 1V (i.e. one octave) away and jump to that. Also, for the duration parameter, it would probably make more sense if the coarse mode kept doubling/halving the duration rather than adding/subtracting a fixed amount.

Very clearly! After a few more hours of use, I navigate much faster.
I was telling myself that I was going to delete this unnecessary post because I do not have enough experience with the machine at the moment.
And I must say that I have been enjoying myself for a few days.

Next time I would think a little longer before posting anything. :sweat_smile:

No need to be shy about posting here @mr.gouillard! Your participation here is VERY much appreciated.

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