Neat ER-301 Side Trick

PSA: seems a lot of people are experiencing failures upgrading their Zadar to 2.0, leaving them in an unusable state. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the upgrade method described below. I would not recommend performing the upgrade until more info is available from Xaoc.

I went to upgrade my Xaoc Zadar to 2.0 firmware this evening. It has some new features like sustain points, freeze, and some new vector banks too.

It’s one of those firmware upgrade processes where you play a 15 minute audio file into it’s trigger input.

The ER-301 made that ridiculously easy. Connect ER-301 OUT1 to Zadar Trigger A, put Zadar in firmware upgrade mode, drop a Card Player unit in the 301 and load up the wave file.

No fussing around with trying to get the levels right playing back from a laptop or what not. Super sweet. :slight_smile:


Good shout Joe, cheers! I can’t wait to get that one in my rack, I missed the first run…

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I did the same thing to update my DrumDokta 2’s firmware. No matter what I tried with my laptop, it wouldn’t work. ER-301 worked great, though.


Thats very clever, Joe
! Next audio file update I give that a spin!

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Ha! I used the 301 to bump the signal up to modular level for the same firmware update. Didn’t even think to just put the wav on the sd card. Will have to remember that for next time.

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great idea! was going to upgrade mine last night but didn’t want to fuss with my audio interface. this is dead simple.

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Thought about doing exactly this but haven’t yet. Great to hear it works, will do it later today.

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It’s like my ER-301 is so smart, it goes around upgrading my other modules when it’s not busy. :rofl:

I’m definitely enjoying the Zadar, and the new firmware features make it even better. The selectable sustain point feature is much welcome for me!

I’d only used it in a traditional EG capacity until yesterday. But I started experimenting with Zadar as an impulse generator using the X bank and the new Richard Devine designed Gitch & Hold Z bank.

Zadar --> Rings In --> ER-301 Stereo Clocked Delay

Really fascinating and good fun how much you can shape the resonator tones by varying the impulse using the time, warp, and response params.


sadly mine keeps getting stuck at the 12th and 13th packets. did you use the card player, Joe? how many total packets ended up being sent? hoping i don’t have to ship this back to Xaoc.

edit: this time it crashed at 32 packets on the regular firmware. going to try again…

Yep, just used the Card Player on CH 1, and CH 1 out straight into Zadar trigger A.

Unfortunately, I did not watch the packets count. Walked away for about 15 minutes, came back and the Zadar had rebooted itself and had the new firmware.

Looking at the signal out on a scope, it’s pretty hot - almost a full 15v pp. Wonder if putting a Linear bipolar VCA right after the card player an attenuating it just a little bit would help?

EDIT: One more thought - did you do the safe eject process when you transferred the wave file from your computer to your SD card? Wondering if not, maybe it got chopped off? The card player is showing a length of 00:14:39.377 for me.

That sounds rad, I’ve actually been looking forward to the Sonic Potions Malaclypse module coming out for ages now just for this very purpose! It looks like something’s happened there though as it was meant to be out last year at some point. Hopefully it will make it out to the shops this year… I’ve got my fingers crossed!

So you’re getting different/more interesting results than using the built in white noise generator on Rings I take it? Are you pre filtering for this purpose or is there no need?

I’ve already worked out that I’ll be needing about 3 Zadar’s just for envelopes (the e370 needs one all to itself). If it turns out it’s also an amazing noise/tone generator I’m completely and utterly scuppered… :S

Yeah, exactly. New sounds are popping out all over the place! And you can do a lot to shape the influence a single vector has on the resulting timbre with Zadar’s various warping controls. :slight_smile:

I have not tried pre-filtering yet but that would surely add yet another dimension. I’ll try to grab some example footage to share.

Heh, that would be a lot of Zadar. I’m definitely planning to get one of the Nin expanders as soon as they become available.

thanks i’m trying it w/ the bipolar vca right now. same audio file length and definitely did a safe eject. also tried another sd card just in case. the odd part is that it seems to fail on somewhat random packets.

I think I saw a post (maybe on muffs) where someone had trouble and re-downloaded and re-extracted and it worked. Not sure what’s happening with yours - it was like plug and play for me. Wishing you success!

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thanks Joe. she’s bricked now sadly. i made the most progress moving it to another case. it received all 47 packets and now won’t sync to any signal and the firmware version is special characters. downloading a new version didn’t seem to help.

Argh! Really sorry to hear this. I can’t believe mine went so smooth as silk and you ended up bricked. :frowning: Must be something going on with your unit I guess…

thanks. if i had to guess it’s something wrong w/ the memory. a friend and i got our zadars at about the same time and he had to send his in for repair due to freezing (outside of any updates).

kind of annoying since it’s my main envelope source and i was having a tremendous time w/ it yesterday, but i will look on the bright side and be thankful the er-301 has a lot of envelopes i can use to shape audio and i have a diy system 100 module + mfb dual lfo i can move into the zadar’s old home. thanks for the assistance! :bowing_man:

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I’ve heard of people having that issue, but never experienced it. Wonder if there was a bad batch? Hope sending it back to Xaoc for repair is fast! And yeah, might as well look at it as a temporary opportunity to get some mileage from other stuff!

Here’s a little clip of Zadar as an impulse generator feeding Rings input. Clouds and ER-301 providing the spatial stuff - grains and delays. Other than the drums it’s just one voice from Rings in 4 poly sympathetic stings mode.

I’m hand modulating Zadar parameters, and bouncing between just a couple adjacent vectors in the new bank Z, not modulating anything on Rings. So it’s kind of subtle but should give you an idea. Sequencing from ansible/kria.


That’s kind of funny. On another forum I suggested that feature because it’d add a lot of flexibility, and they acted like the very idea of it was antithetical to the their design and I had deeply offended them. Time to give the module another look I guess :slight_smile: