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Nebulae 2 vs Er301


I think there is definitely a lot of redundancy between Morphagene and Nebulae. More difficult to rationalize a case for both.

I recently put my Morphagene in a small case where it’s the only sound source and I am learning a lot from it. I highly recommend trying this out.


This is a neat idea. I think it could be done in a manageable fashion, while still being informative. :slight_smile:


Personally, if this is going to happen, I would rather see each person have their own thread,so each setup could be discussed without feeling like that’s taking over the whole thread :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t really matter… :slight_smile:


That is a good suggestion!! Maybe we could use a tag or category to help us.

Part of me likes it all under one massive thread though. Discourse has really good search tools and tagging.

Either way, I’m game.


I like the idea of 1 user, 1 thread.

Looking at the Categories… Lounge? And maybe a new Tag - I suggest “Case Studies”.

Edit: Why is Lounge locked and unused? Was there ‘trouble’ at some point?! :thinking:


You have to unlock it via discourse achievements.

New/infrequent users won’t have access.


Ok… it says Trust Level 3 is required. Where do I find out how to achieve it? Is there a secret handshake…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think you just have to come here a lot, and participate in discussions.


It is as the name implies, its a trust system. As you have comments liked and give likes, your trust ‘profile’ grows. You eventually gain new trust levels.

They are not just arbitrary either. The trust levels come with abilities. At 4 you are a moderator without actually being one, for example.


First off, there’s absolutely nothing posted in the Lounge so don’t feel like you’re missing the secret club. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t know the exact things you have to do. Participate in discussions. Like stuff. Link relevant stuff. Just basically visit often and participate.


I assumed that’s where all the super-secret stuff about the ER-401 was hidden. :wink:

I do spend more time on Lines than here, and I like Discourse a lot. The gamified trust levels feel a bit off though. Unless they are being used, as in the case of Lines, to restrict people from being able to make For Sale posts. Something like New User / Regular User / Mod would suffice.

Anyway, this is not pertinent to Nebulae vs ER-301. It’s more of a discussion for Meta.


Oh yeah, I meant nothing… except for the super secret ER-401 plans. Of course those are there. :yum:

I don’t know - might be of more use as the membership grows a bit but no one has used the Lounge to date.


The lounge is a default thing, it takes effort to remove it. It could just be deleted for me, I don’t think we need a secret area here :slight_smile:

I also think if we are going to have long form discussion on setups they should at least consider being from the perspective of the ER-301/101/102, as there are plenty of places to discuss setups based around other modules; this is the O|D forum after all.

This is just a thought; personally I really wouldn’t care less if someone shared something interesting that had nothing to do with the O|D modules.


It’s definitely another case of the specs not showing the full story.

If you were just just looking at the spec sheet The nebulae is built on rpi 3 which is quad core 1.2ghz. Faster than the 1ghz on the er301 SOM.


Can you link to where it is substantiated that the Nebulae v2 is using the Cortex A53?

If so that is impressive. Almost 11k in DMIPS.

Also while the CPU appears to be fast, it is still limited by its implementation as mentioned above regarding it’s sampling abilities and playback limits.

As the platform is open for custom algorithms if the CPU is for real, it should be able to run far more complicated versions of it, which should mean higher fidelity across those applications. The implementation, and no visual feedback seems to obscure this ability though. At least IMHO.


Totally with you it’s about implementation, Brian has made a beautiful bit of software for the 301. My nebulae is en-route so will update once I receive it. It will be a pi3 just not sure which variety. The nebulae will give me options to complement my 301 as I’m really curious about the pd, supercollider, Csound implementation. It worked pretty well on the nebulae v1 and made the module far more than the original software it came with.


Can you link me to anything that validates this? I’ve tried looking and nothing talks about the underpinnings of the module.


The manual mentions a raspberry pi, strangely not in the specs chapter and without specifying which model.


From the pictures it looks like a De-ported pi3 it has the wrong layout and power consumption for a pi zero.


Hmmm, seems kind of iffy still, as to me it looks like it could be a pi2 as well. However, when the pi3 goes for $35, I don’t see why Qu-bit wouldn’t go for that one, especially since they’ve already developed the necessary stuff for the first nebulae which probably worked automatically with the pi3.

I wonder if they are removing the ports themselves, and if not how much that adds to the cost of the module.

I’m really just impressed that such a competent board costs so little.