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Nebulae 2 vs Er301


A link to said discussion would be awesome - is it on lines or a different forum?


Man, i realize weekly that i might achieve the function of a curtain module with the ER-301. But while i am patching somehow i forget all the possibilities of this beast :joy:


Yup, UI is everything. I have both the Neb2 and the 301, as well as a Morphagene, and they all have the DSP for this task - that’s not the point. The Nebulae2 has the benefit of being a purpose-built unit for what it does, with dedicated front panel controls for those specific functions, which makes it waaaay more immediate and easy to use for the granular stuff. It and the Morphagene are my go-to units for this sort of thing, 100% of the time, despite the 301’s power under the hood, solely because of the immediacy factor. I also love the way they both sound - nothing against the 301 here, but I happen to love those other two units for granular stuff in particular. So, just my $.02.


I recently sold my Nebulae 2 to make some room in my cluttered head and try to focus and learn what I have…
If fate wants it now I get very nice comments on my Nebulae vids on my channel and I…well… feel a little sad that I sold it.

Having said that I’m want to try and get something similar out of the ER301 so tonight I’m going to peruse this topic with a glass of fine wine in one hand and the ER301 in the other :slight_smile:

If people have already did this, could you point me to sources where I can learn about that?



do a youtube search for er 301 manual grains, there’s some good demos and examples. good place to start on this.


i’ve never used the Nebulae (but now you got me thinking about it!) so i can’t really comment on how to emulate it in the 301, but one thing i like to generate complex gestures in the 301 is to have 3 or 4 manual grains units, with different samples, triggered with four related clocks whose master tempo varies with a single knob/CV. This plus modulations on the start position can get pretty far in expressive granular “phrases”.


I recently tried out the morphagene and nebulae 2, both have since left my case.
I appreciate both modules, but I really didnt feel they added anything new to what i could already do with the er301 (or do it better), so I sold them so I can refocus on the er301. They just seemed redundant and unnecessary, and i felt it to be distracting having modules with such overlap. And honestly I feel when doing morphagene/nebulae type stuff on the er301 it sounds better and hifi.


Exactly my thoughts.
Thanks for easing my troubled mind <3


I’ve had and sold Morphagene and Nebulae 2. When comparing those two with the Er-301 I appreciate the amount of precise control to be had over splices and waveform editing. File system is a breeze to use. The display shows you exactly what is going on when modulating starting point or splices, and in general it is just way easier to achieve what you are trying to do with a high level of precision. Of course there’s a learning curve. But IMO the time spent diving deep is worth it - and personally for me it’s easier to remember what to do compared to button combo’s on the Morphagene for example.


Same here I had a nebulae 1 and a morphagène . I old both and can do sample splicing a lot with er301.