Need some help with the sample player / noob question selecting slices/ zooming in and out

it took me some time to ask this super stupid question:
I cant find the the zoom option in any sample player. I am on firmware 0.4.26.
Also I could not figure out how to exactly select slices via cv it always selects them quite uncontrolled. Is it also possible to select them with the cursor and shoot them then ?
I wasn’t able to find anything helping in the wiki.
sorry for this noob question, I know I am missing something essential out.
Its driving me nuts.


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Read the description of the KNOBMODE button:

If not clear, please let me know.

Did you remember to insert a small delay between the the slice select CV and the slice trigger? Your trigger is probably happening while the CV is still changing to the new value.

(Image taken from:

The uDelay unit is the most efficient unit for this purpose.

Yes. Change the bias of the slice parameter to the desired value. Remember the selected slice will depend on the addressing mode that you have configured. Then focus the trig parameter and press ‘fire’ (S3) to cause the selected slice to play.

Edit: Oops. I just realized that you meant while in the slice editor. Again the answer is yes. Set the navigation mode to ‘slices’ using S3, use the knob to move the cursor to the desired slice, press S1 to (re)trigger it:



aaaaaaahhhh. thank you Brian. I helped a lot.