Negative voltages possible?

Hi there! New ER101 owner here…
I’m about to do some light traveling and have been thinking about putting together a mini pod with the ER101 and JustFriends: a few challenges around that (notably that the ER101 has no master clock output!), but one thing I am wondering about is whether the ER101 can send negative voltages? This is necessary to unlock some features on the JustFriends. My assumption is that it can’t, but maybe someone here knows a way…?

Based on the specifications of module listed on the product page:
Analog Outputs: x8 (output range: 0-8.192V)

So the answer is that the ER-101 cannot send negative voltages either from the analog outs (CV A & B) or the digital outs (Gates).

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Thanks! As expected. Appreciate your response!

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